Blocked fallopian tubes are one possible reason for infertility among females. Fallopian tubes are connected with ovaries and the uterus. During ovulation, the tubes carry eggs from ovary to the uterus. They play an important role in the process of fertilization. It takes place when the egg travels through fallopian tubes on the way to the uterus. In case of the blocked fallopian tube the egg will not reach the uterus and affects the fertilization process. Among 40% of females suffer from this issue and is a major cause of infertility. This condition won’t let sperm and egg unite in tubes for fertilization. If any part of tubes is damaged due to surgery or infection, they may become blocked by scar tissue. In the case of blockage of both the tubes, pregnancy will not be possible without treatment. It can be very difficult to conceive a child naturally. Fortunately, the availability of blocked fallopian tubes treatment the condition can be treated. It is better to take immediate action after the diagnosis of this condition. Most of the people wish to find out the symptoms and signs of blocked fallopian tubes. However, it doesn’t often cause symptoms as many females are not even aware of this state until they face issues in getting pregnant.

Symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes:

Normally, there is no exact symptom of the blocked fallopian tube but in some cases; regular pain in the abdomen can indicate you. It generally occurs in the blockage called hydrosalpinx. It occurs when fluid fills due to which a blocked fallopian tube enlarges. At times, blockage in fallopian tubes may cause a fertilized get to get stuck in it. This condition is commonly known as ectopic pregnancy. It may not cause symptoms and normally is detected during the scan. Due to this condition, some females may experience signs of pregnancy. A female who suspects with ectopic pregnancy must seek a doctor’s help. If it is not treated on an early basis then it can dangerous for the mother’s life.

Causes of blocked fallopian tubes:

There is a range of reasons behind a blockage in fallopian tubes such as the history of pelvic infection, STD’s, endometriosis, abdominal surgery, and hydrosalpinx. All the mentioned conditions can affect the tubes directly or this area in the body.

Therefore, it is not easy to tell if you have blocked fallopian tubes. In order to diagnose, there are three key tests that can help you. An X-ray test, known as HSG is conducted. Here, the doctor injects a harmless dye in the female’s womb that flows in the tubes. In X0ray the stain is seen, if the fluid does not flow in tubes then there is the possibility of having a fallopian tube blockage. Apart from this, the doctor also suggests undergoing an ultrasound which is also known as sonohysterogram. It is similar to the HSG test but uses sound waves to see fallopian tubes. In certain cases, laparoscopy is also recommended by doctors. It is a keyhole surgery where a small cut is made and a camera is inserted to take pictures of the tubes. It is considered to be the most accurate test for blocked tubes.

Treatment and Surgery:

Surgically, it is possible to open the blocked fallopian tubes though it depends on the extent of scarring and the location of the blockage. The motive behind surgery is to open the fallopian tubes by removing scar tissues, new opening on the outside of tubes or opening the tubes from inside. Maximum surgeons will carry out the keyhole surgery procedure.

Blocked tubes and pregnancy:

When it comes to fallopian tube blockage most of the females are worried about the chances of pregnancy. With the help of surgery, the chances of females to conceive can be improved. Whether a female will conceive or not depends on her age, partner’s sperm’s health and extent of tube damage. If surgery remains unsuccessful, then your doctor may recommend In vitro fertilization (IVF). In this treatment, the eggs and sperms are fertilized outside the body in the laboratory and further placed in female’s uterus.

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