Cigarette smoking has an odd mind around it in society that I would like to address. If we look at why people are trying to quit then we understand that there is an addiction associated with the activity. It is not necessary for anyone to consume cigarettes in any larger quantities than coffee, alcohol or sweets for example. Most of these substances are consumed in moderation and there is no reason to be addicted to any substance. So if someone says cigarettes are 'bad' for you it is incorrect because so would be drinking a case of wine. Air pollution that non smokers breathe likely contains more toxic ingredients than a cigarette smoked mindfully. Some will have a life changing moment from reading this and others who take a little longer to adjust the mind may contemplate using an olfactory tool to feed the brain with scent to cut down on the quantity of smoking. Scent is a powerful effector on the emotions of the being and if you use a scented flowering plant in your home or office or aromatherapy grade essential oil of your choosing to replace the smoking urge then you will reprogram your brain to respond to the peace and comfort provided by the scent.

A stigma around people who consume tobacco or are called 'smokers' suggests addiction and that is a label they may choose not to be defined by. There is more enjoyment from a cigarette if it is consumed mindfully the way a glass of wine or imported tea is drunk. There are several reasons why addiction occurs: routine activities where one is unaware of his or her actions ie. watching television and snacking, smoking or drinking beer during sporting events. Any time a person is engaged in a repetitive activity where they are consciously unaware of consuming any substance this codes the cells to expect the substance delivered to the body in unreasonable quantities. The reason for this is that you as a higher creative being longs for the moments where you are in a place of no space time and are focused on creating something. Any activity where you 'zone out' like day dreaming or are intently focusing on an activity is when our higher creative force is awakened. When a person substitutes lucid dreaming or creative conceptualizing for an activity where they are tired and 'zoned' out like watching television at days end and consuming not only the programs but the commercials, the effect on the entire being is vastly different. How one runs the body through choices affects the entire system and consciousness.

In heightened, focused, moments of creation the flow of time ceases and we have stopped the biological clock from moving forward in these instances and the cells are alive with nutrients from the electromagnetism of tuning in to cosmic mind where ideas are free and limitless. 'Manna of the Gods' is that simple.

What causes the dependence of chemical substances is the state that does not recognize how the body is calibrated through daily activities. Irritability, moodiness and even depression is a sign of what I term 'demented mind' as it is not a rational, dependable state to make decisions from. Those who then reach for calming substances like alcohol, cigarettes food or a sexual activity for example to 'relax' from stress or emotional aggravation sometimes dose themselves too often being uneducated or unaware as how to manage their mind. Addiction is formed over time from that process of mental deterioration when substances or even activities are over consumed. One is ill advised for example to look at pornographic material while chain smoking as the biochemical processes that take place with sexual arousal are highly conducive to powerfully addicting the individual to the smoking activity. Such activity may create a highly altered self that is motivated too easily by cravings. Such may alienate and isolate a person away from meaningful, completely open intimate relationships that are not based on biochemical addictive habits and activities.

Although I am not impressed with the amount of additives in cigarettes that are purportedly placed there to maintain a higher rate of consumption by purchasers, blame laid on the tobacco industry for cancer and addicting people is also erroneous. I will be pleased one day when cigarettes are created with less chemical additives world wide like our Canadian tobacco and FDA warning labels with exquisite photography are peel off stickers. Such inventions may appear when one smokes three cigarettes per day instead of a pack or more for example and all enjoyed in moderation, joy and healthful consumption is supported by manufacturers. It appears that the term 'social smoking' is understood by most as lightly consuming tobacco so lower consumption does exist. It is also appreciated when all who smoke dispose of of their butts responsibly instead of shoe to pavement to help keep our living environment pristine.

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