Throughout history, the idea of the world ending has always prevailed in our consciousness. The thought of this world coming to a great catastrophe has always caused much chaos in the mind of humanity.

Through sensationalism, there is the excitation of fear. Many of the so-called religious and spiritual figures have used such fear to control and deceive man.

All the religions of the world thrive on the idea of such calamities. This is nothing new or unique. Man has lived in fear since the beginning. Living ones life in fear of myths and superficial prophecies has no meaning.

Since ancient times, there were always those who profess the idea of knowing the end of this life on earth. Believing various methods of interpretations, they proclaim to know such things as the end of days by various predictions.

Like always, such predictions come and go. And, the ‘powers that be’ simply create another future event to deceive and control you. This endless cycle of fear continues as long as you are not spiritually awake within yourself.

Through ideas of the past, we live and tremble in anxiety today. So the past cultures and ideologies haunts our consciousness in the present. When you are grounded in timeless wisdom, no such thing in this life can disturb you.

Obviously, without understanding psychological death, you are inevitably trapped in the fear of physical death. Realize that all life is change. All life is impermanency. So, to cling to any superstitious belief as truth, breeds the continuity of fear and delusion.

As human beings, we strive to read the planets, the moons and stars, yet we do not know ourselves. We have filled endless volumes of knowledge pertaining to the earth and the heavens, but we have never read the unwritten book of ourselves.

When there is the intelligence of understanding yourself, no matter what happens in life, there is this eternal love that comforts. There is this absolute comfort in seeing ones true being. This intelligence is the only security there is.

Spiritual wisdom echoes within that all is well no matter what takes place in your life. Being inwardly free of darkness within, the fear of the world ending does not cause fear. Fear is a powerful poison that corrodes all life.

Therefore, we must ask; is there a way to end all such ignorance? While we are alive, is there a way to come to an end and see beyond death? To probe deep into this awakens spiritual curiosity that points the way.

Going beyond the conscious ego and seeing if there is immortality is the only purpose of this existence. This is your concern and most important responsibility. The ending of your ego-self is the doorway that opens to the Divine.

So, spirituality means to end, psychologically. It is the death of yourself while you are alive. This is your responsibility to understand. To be spiritual is to discover this truth for oneself. Will you awaken to the eternal life within?

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