Peak performance and success is filled with paradox. From ancient philosophers to modern day researchers, we marvel at these seeming contradictions that resonate as truths.

This week brought an intimate experience with one of my favorite paradoxes: In blessing others, you become a benefactor of the blessings you give away.

It started with a friend trying to find the perfect birthday present for me. In doing so, the thoughts of our Online Manager, Aaron Foster, naturally turned to the amazing group of people that have come together over the past year to support each other in making a bigger impact.

He set up a virtual birthday bash, inviting our Best Life Design community to email or voicemail a message to me. He blessed me…

I spent my birthday –  and week! — savoring over 250 messages from around the world. Additional social media messages from people ranging from those who’ve known me for my whole life to newer, cherished friends pretty much sent me over the top.

As my mentor’s wife would say… you turned me into a pancake just a-dripping with syrup ;)

And when I came back down to earth, I landed with an expanded view of the power of blessing.

This experience brought beautiful new colors to my resiliency research on connection and gratitude.

To show you how blessings shine in their simplicity, here are a few I received. I am sending them now to you with my heartfelt wishes for you to receive them fully.

I am so glad to be able to celebrate the day you brought all of your light and love to the earth.  Certainly you make the world a brighter, more joyful and love filled place. May you receive much light, love and joy today on your special day!

May your day be filled with moments that build beautiful memories, new understandings, and magical feelings.

Have fun celebrating YOU today! May the year ahead bring you an abundance of love, peace, happiness, success, exciting opportunities, fun, special blessings, joy, great health and wealth!

Saying a prayer of gratitude for you today and that you have the celebration you deserve! (Will I be able to see the fireworks from here?! :)

I am so so so so Happy you were born… as you constantly lift people up, push people up, you also say things like..(friendly red light) when helping others adjust their verbiage…..

The world if a far better place because you are in it. So very thankful to be connected and learn from you.

May your day be filled with blessed and treasured moments.

Because of your amazing gifts, your beautiful sparkle, and ability to share your light so freely, the world is a much better place. Hope you have a great day, and are celebrated by friends and family.

This world is, indeed, a better place because you were born! I am sure the angels sang on that day because they knew of the good you would do. Know that you are loved and admired by many.

Though it’s not like me to run out of words, sometimes someone’s spirit leaves me speechless… Please make sure you have a happy birthday.

A blessing is simply a positive, loving wish that uplifts others. Blessings carry an acknowledgement of the unique beauty you see within the recipient coupled with a beckoning for them to become ever more the full essence of who they are.

What defines a blessing? The intention behind it.

Blessings originate in your heart. They are pure, sincere, heart-felt intentions to bring more good into the life of another. They are born of love, care, and appreciation.

True blessings not only gift the recipient, they gift the receiver.

A blessing comes from within and runs through you as it travels outward. Your spirit can’t help but be raised and enhanced, giving you a positive boost.

As you make blessings a daily practice, you actually become a more positive person. And research shows this leads to more good things in your life and business.

I would like to challenge you this week to take 2 minutes each day to play with this practice. Spend the first minute picking out the person you want to bless. Move yourself into a centered and loving state. Spend the next minute dropping them a note with your wishes for their expanded well-being.

If you spend time on social networks, you may want to find someone who is online at the time. Drop them a private note on twitter or face book and tell them you are going to spend the next minute focused on sending them love, peace, healing – or whatever else you sense they need. Then do just this.

Two minutes. It really can be this simple.

When you bless others on a daily basis, your world will become a far brighter place in which to live, love, and lead.

Have ideas on blessing others … or stories about the good this brings to your life? We’d love to hear them!

Author's Bio: 

Mollie Marti is a psychologist, lawyer, and adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Iowa. She brings years of experience in coaching a prestigious list of clients, including Olympians and business elites, to her mission of helping leaders thrive and serve.

Dr. Mollie speaks around the globe on servant leadership and mentorship, resiliency, life design, and business ethics. In addition to numerous academic articles, her business success books have been published in several languages. Her most recent book, Walking with Justice: Uncommon Lessons from One of Life’s Greatest Mentors, is being welcomed as “a timeless handbook for being human.”

She is host of the popular Make an Impact! event, bringing together internationally renowned thought leaders to raise philanthropic funds while empowering innovative attendees to make a bigger impact in a way that fuels their health, relationships, and life priorities.

A passionate advocate for youth and communities, Dr. Mollie directs the non-profit Community Resiliency Project to help communities support their youth and grow their capacity to thrive.

With her unique ability to combine the science of success with the art of exceptional living, she is a frequent media resource ( and was recognized by The Entrepreneur Blog as one of the Top 25 Business Coaches on twitter (@DrMollieMarti).

Having graduated first in her class in both undergraduate and graduate school, Dr. Mollie continues to learn – and unlearn – on a daily basis. She walks out these lessons from an apple orchard in scenic northeast Iowa where she lives with her husband, their three children, and a large family of pets. Join her for weekly musings on this grand experiment at