Doing everything right yet unable to succeed? Do questions cloud your mind about your ability and decisions that you made? All of these are signs that you are in desperate need of guidance and to seek guidance you need to go to the right people. Astrology is not just a mythical science but a real and out there one and has proved to be very helpful to the masses, especially if you are indecisive of things or unable to pinpoint the reason for troubles in your life.

With the west indulging more and more into the world of our occult science and aiming to sort their lives with the help and guidance of leading astrologers in India, it is comforting to know that your search for the can end right in your city. For the Delhites it is much easier as most of the top astrologers in the country reside among them.

Astroyogi brings to you a list of top 5 astrologers in Delhi with expertise in various fields such as vedic astrology, tarot card reading, numerology, vaastu and more for you to consult with and get all the answers to your queries and concerns:

Here is the list of top 5 astrologers to consult with in the national capital:

Ranjana Puri

Renowned Vedic astrologer, Ranjana is one of the best astrologers to seek consultation from in the Delhi NCR region. She has been in the field of astrology for the past 10 years and her areas of expertise include Vedic, Vastu and Numerology. Her predictions have been accurate and her clientele includes people from all over the country. For your troubles in areas like career, love, finances and health, Ranjana Puri is the right choice.

Acharya Ashish Gupta

With over a decade of experience in the field of astrology, Acharya Ashish Gupta has been one of the most sought after astrologers of the Delhi region. His areas of expertise include vedic astrology, vaastu and tarot card reading. He has given his consultation to a lot of people and helped them overcome challenges in their lives and lead a better life.

Neelu Pathak

Award winner Vedic Astrologer and one of the finest in the Delhi NCR region, Neelu Pathak has been in the field of astrology for the past 14 years. Her areas of expertise include Vedic astrology, Tarot card reading and Vaastu. Her clientele includes a vast group of people who have found the answers to their problems and managed to direct their lives to a better future. She can provide consultation for your queries in the fronts of career, love, relationships, finances and more.

Dimple Saini

Dimple Saini is one of the most experienced and sought after astrologer in Delhi. With an experience of over 15 years she has managed to advise hundreds of people and brought them on to a better path in life. Areas of her expertise include Vedic astrology and Tarot card reading. She has provided consultation in the fields of love and relationship, career, health and finances.

Acharya Jai Prakash Ojha

Acharya Ojha is a renowned astrologer and has been in this field for over 18 years. He is well versed in Vedic astrology along with numerology and vaastu. He can be consulted to know about your career, love and relationships, health, etc. His has a repeat clientele and his solutions have been of immense help to the people.

These are some of the best astrologers in the Delhi region and can be consulted easily using the ‘Talk to astrologer’ feature of which connects you directly to these or any other astrologer of your choice at minimum charges and gives you full access and assurance to discuss all your queries and find the right solutions to them.

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