Breastfeeding is one of the nature’s beautiful and most significant phenomenon. Being a new mother, you might face ample of issues during breastfeeding. There will be times when you think of providing your child with the formula milk. But, the immense benefits of Breast feeding will make you outweigh all the potential troubles.

Breast milk is recognized as one of the best source of nutrients to the baby. The beneficial properties of breastfeeding are not only confined to the baby but the mother as well. Therefore, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 6 month breastfeeding duration to every mother. If the circumstances are favorable, then the time limit can exceed to a year or more.

Benefits of Breastfeeding, are they really worth it?
breastfeeding helps the bonding of baby and mother.
Well, yes it is. Even upon asking one thousand times the answer to this question will remain the same. The ample health benefits of feeding Breast makes the most valuable food for your little ones.

Reduces the risk of infections
The breast milk contains fighting antibodies. As being in the developmental process of immunity, the baby’s body is not ready to fight infections. Receiving those fighting antibodies through breast milk help them to fight microbes. This in result reduces the chances of bacterial and viral infections. The most infection that breast milk prevents baby from is the ear infection.

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