"It is not enough to sit around and believe. Demonstrate trust by listening to your inner guidance and taking action on it."

How's that for a spiritual butt kicking? Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer in their book, "Creating Mo.ney - Attracting Abundance" outline a crucial component of the manifestation process that often gets mis-interpreted: the role of 'taking action'. Remember James Ray in The Secret when he said if you sit around and meditate on your couch all day eventually the repo guys will come and take the couch? He was basically saying you've got to actually do something.

But here's the key point:

It's not the action that makes the difference - it's the demonstrating trust through action. It's the feeling of trust - of inner knowing, of absolute conviction that things will unfold as you intend that is the real crux of the matter.

Action is only used as proof to yourself and the Big Universe that you're serious, you expect it to happen and you're ready for it.

The more you are certain and have trust, the less you need to focus on action. In fact, action feels effortless and fun.

The best example I've got from my own life is when I decided after kissing a fair few frogs it was time for a prince. So I got serious: I decided it was time to find a husband. When I saw the book, "The Marriage Plan" in the bookstore I followed my intuitive nudge and grabbed it, and followed everything it suggested. I wrote my list of qualities I wanted, I visualised it, I told friends to introduce me to men who fit the profile, and I declared at my brother's wedding that I was the next one to get hitched. I even caught the bouquet (I knew I would). And then I got on with enjoying myself. I absolutely knew in every cell of my being it was going to happen. Done deal. Didn't know how, didn't know when, just knew it would happen because I was choosing that for myself. Two months later I met my honey, Rob.

I didn't just sit around and 'believe'. This can feel more like hoping or wishing than believing. I took some action to demonstrate to myself it was real, that I was committed. It feels pretty real when you tell your mates you've got a list and you want to meet a husband within 12 months - I weathered a lot of strange looks, but hey! It helped consolidate that rock-solid belief.

Trust is "expecting the best to happen, believing in your ability to create what you want, and knowing you deserve to have it".

You can demonstrate trust by believing in something even though your outer world seems to reflect something else. Like if you've got some weight to release and you know have the potential to be slimmer and more vibrant, but it seems so far out of reach. Often it takes three or more weeks before any bubble wrap starts to really shift. Taking action during that 'static' phase while the outer world re-aligns with your intention develops conviction.

Roman and Packer say,

"Since you live in a world of form and substance, action is the physical link to having what you want. You can develop trust by putting your ideas into action, getting feedback, and seeing the results. Every time you are willing to take a risk, you increase your ability to trust and believe in yourself."

You've got to believe it before you see it. You've got to act 'as if' it was already in form. Even 'fake it 'til you make it' serves the same principle.

Believe it even if you don't see it yet. Talk about it even if you don't see it yet. And most importantly, feel the feelings of your goal as if it were achieved already. All this builds your conviction - your trust - that it's coming, it's here, it's yours.

Coach's Challenge:
What goal do you need to develop trust around? Hint: if you've wanted something for awhile but haven't got it yet, then it's time to move from hoping to trusting. What action will you take to build trust around the achievement of this goal? Have fun playing with this!

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