There are five major steps that a person should do after they have received a DUI. The first step is to take a chemical test. This chemical test is going to aid the police officers to find out a lot of information about the person. But the most vital piece of information that they are going to need to know is the person's blood alcohol level. Consequently, if a person has refused to take any other tests, it is very critical to take this test.

The second step is to ensure that that you contact a DUI attorney. It is very important that a person never uses a general attorney for these sorts of cases. This is because these sorts of cases can be very complex. Therefore, it is going to take a lawyer that knows all about the legal laws pertaining to a DUI. This attorney is going to help an individual to get the best possible outcome from their DUI arrest.

The third step is to discover where a bail bondsman is in your area. This is because a person is going to have to work out how to post their bail after they have been arrested. One is going to have the pay a small payment and then the bondsman is going to pay your bail for you. Therefore, it is very imperative that a person shows up at all of their hearings unless they want the bondsman to go after them for the money.

The fourth step is for an individual to request a DMV hearing. A person is only going to have about ten days based on their state to generate this request. A DMV hearing is very important because this is where the court decides whether or not the person is going to continue to keep their driver's license. Therefore, if this hearing does not get requested by you or your attorney, then you are probably going to get your license taken away from you.

The fifth step is to plan for your arraignment. This is where one is going to make their plea to the court. It is very important that an individual does not plead guilty because there is a way that they could fight the charges and literally win the case. This is just another reason why one needs to have an experienced DUI attorney on their side. They might be able to prove that you were not driving while inebriated.

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