Brisbane is a beautiful place. It has amazing architecture showcasing the European influences as well as the modern influences of architecture. The CBD and Story Bridge are masterpieces of metal. Beautiful flowers line the walkways of South Bank Park. In full bloom you are in the middle of a virtual paradise even when you are walking at the heart of the city. The City is situated at the bank of the Brisbane River. The emerald water reflects the sun like tiny diamonds on its surface it is a sight that cannot be equaled in beauty.

You can bring home the beauty that you so admire with the help of a garden that works well within the eco-system. Although there are foreign species of plants that will work with a Brisbane Garden, you may want to try out indigenous plants to create your Garden to thrive in the unique Brisbane weather and environment.

Some of the benefits of using indigenous plants in your garden are that it works well with the natural weather of the garden. You do not need to create artificial means of survival for the plant. You eliminate the need for the creation of green houses.

Because of adaptation and evolution, the resources needed to help a plant from foreign surroundings thrive are a lot more significant compared to the resources of plants found in the local areas. For example, some foreign plants need more sun than Brisbane can provide. The same goes with rain and plants. Plants from outside of Brisbane may need more watering compared to a plant indigenous to the region. Remember that your garden is built to last and if you have to compensate too much for the environment, then, those expenses can add up.

Some of the indigenous plants you can use vary depending on the conditions you are planting them in. After all, there are a multitude of conditions that one can experience in Brisbane. For example, if one plans to grow a shrub in the shade some of the plants indigenous to Brisbane are Narrow Leaved Gardenias and Cat's Whiskers. You can also plant shade loving ground coverings like the Native Violets dominant in the area or the low Rasp Fern that you can naturally find in many areas in Brisbane.

If you plan to work in areas fully exposed to the sun, some of the plants you can use include frangipani, a small deciduous flowering plant, and the butterfly bush, a glossy leaved shrub with white perfumed flowers. Contact CBD Flower Shop for more help.

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Some of the indigenous plants you can use vary depending on the conditions you are planting them in