The greatest individuals of our time have written memoirs, autobiographies and journals. Why is this? What motivated them to chronicle their experiences, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs?

How can one benefit from this proactive practice?

There are many reasons why keeping a journal can serve personal development and improve productivity quite well. One of the best reasons that I have experienced is the fact that it provides a “landscape” of the personality, emotions, and belief systems.

It is like creating an instructional guide, in which you can reference different times and enhance your reflection and cycles of your life. Definitely allows you to view how much inner growth has occurred. The journal can serve as a confidant, if you are unable to share at the moment. Helps to identify talents emerging and life purpose.

There are many important reasons for beginning a journal, and the results of it will be as unique as the individual.

What you will need to start the self-journal process:

1. A journal of your choice. Determine what size, whether you want lines or blank page, design, etc.
2. A pen or pencil.
3. A sentence or grammar corrector tool.
4. A commitment to continuing the journal. It is okay if you do not write in it every day, but make an effort to be consistent in entering into the journal.

First, do not force a reason to begin. Purchase the journal and keep it handy is how to start. In your mind, the reason is just to express yourself authentically.

For example, if you happen to admire the beauty of nature, write about how that interaction inspired you. Or if you happen to stumble across a quotation or bible verse about confidence that impacts in your life, write about it.

It’s just that simple.

The idea is not to have any expectations of how or what to write. Just write about anything. It should be effortless to chronicle your experiences.

Author's Bio: 

Kendrick Moss has written frequently on pregnancy and parenting issues, and is a mom of three (including one set of twins). She is an open-minded free spirit, always ready for new adventures. Faith, family and finances are the core of her value system.