Beating depression takes a lot of determination and patience. I recently read an interesting but daft article - yes daft - that stated that people who have severe conditions and illnesses suffer from depression. Well it does not take much to work out that if you are in a lot of pain, or cannot walk, are blind, deaf or have some other distressing health problem this will lead to depression. There is a chicken and egg situation here because most of these people would not end up having depression at all if they did not have their distressing illness.

Likewise if someone is suffering from an addition, drinking a lot, being stuck indoors and unable to go out because of agoraphobia, then these can lead to it too. The sheer boredom of being stuck indoors and unable to go out can cause sadness because not only is it going to become monotonous to be stuck indoors so much but you could not meet up with people or meet new people. It becomes impractical to go out and get shopping or do chores, so it is a life changing and impractical illness. Knowing you cannot go out and meet new friends or attend to the things you would like to do and have to do can make you very sad.
Maybe you once used to go swimming or you have had to give up your job. This can also lead to feelings of inadequacy where you may feel that you have to get the upper hand over your problem so that you can once again return to your normal things or earn a living.

Each person has to find their own way to beat this thing because how you do it will depend on variables such as how severe it is, how long you have had it, why you have it, what type you have and your personality. Some people have a far better coping mechanism than others too. You must adjust to which suits you. If you are finding it hard to even get up out of bed you might find it is one of the chores you list. Make this list your goal for now and then move on gradually.

One good way is to set yourself a list of things to do each and every day. Try to make it a list that you know you can manage. If you feel exhausted and sleep a lot then you might just put two two or three things until you feel better, things which do not take long and are not going to wear you out. As you feel better make the list gradually get longer.

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