“Even though we are developed enough, signature on paper and meeting in-person will always be on the top priority.”
If you don’t have facts, it’s better to keep silent and work on some research and development tasks. It is always a wise decision to say only when you have the fact and knowing the right information itself an educative process. So, enrich yourself with knowledge and information that certainly helps you in making the right decision at the right time.
Nowadays, technology has evolved at a rapid pace and everything is decided by the click job, it’s of course, made our process and work easier, but also opens a box of trapping and scamming that can’t be overlooked, it requires utmost observation.
Through this article, I would like to acknowledge my real social media profile/pages and want to get our clients/patients aware of it so that they could protect themselves from unauthorized profile access and online scams.
First of all, I, DR. Jay W Calvert have to state that several online fraudsters are using my identity to generate their Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram profile and by using my photo and data they are approaching people/patients for the sake of money extortion.
There is a crime syndicate in Africa that uses my photos to scam women and I’ve reported this matter to the concerned department and waiting for the right action for the sake of the security and safety of our patients and genuine followers as well. I think profile validation steps on the online platforms should definitely gear up their security and taking action all these processes requires intimation and this write-up is, of course, a part of it!
A few days back one of my clients from India DM me on my Instagram profile and said “Did you Emailed me Doctor regarding follow-ups because someone with your name sent me the email and asking for the follow-up process that I have to go through by paying the particular sum of money.” The second case was seen on Facebook where one of my patients texted me and said, “Is this (particular link) your profile Doctor because that imposter guy had started chatting and giving suggestions to me!” And this is really so sad and unwelcoming.
This is an offensive act and can make anyone feel sorry who is into the clients’ service industry, especially among a reputed name in the medical fraternity. And that’s why; I have chosen this platform to put my points. I hope you people will understand the gravity of the matter and extracting information with valid proof, authentic source, factual version of search and validation will always guide you to make the right decision.
Here I’m mentioning my social media profile links that are genuine and real and which I use only to disseminate information regarding my work/profession, including surgeries, treatments, seminars, meetings, and discussions that time-to-time happens and requires the on-time update on the online timeline. This should be known by my patients/clients who are associated with me and received the plastic cosmetic surgeries/treatment in my plastic cosmetic surgery center/clinic ROXSpa Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, California, USA.
I hope online security and people; mindsets will improve in a better way in the near future because I believe that human intelligence is always greater than an artificial one. Everything has pros and cons, and an online platform does also have these aspects, but with due consideration and hope, I would like to see it in a redefined and better version so that real byte should go to the genuine users at the right time.
One should always remember that breaching the rules and getting unethical means you are no true human being and for the sake of mankind and its well-being, one should step forward and I think the dissemination of truthful information is the core of it.
Be aware of phishing scams and get secured!!
Kindly, have a look at my social media profile mentioned below:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjaycalvert/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drjaycalvert

Author's Bio: 

Prema Jha is a renowned name in the Hindi literature world as a contemporary Poet, Writer, and Fiction Novelist. she has contributed to many leading Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Periodicals, Blogs, E-Journals, and Channels as an established author. She is a well-known name in plastic cosmetic surgery's writing fraternity due to her writing contributions in reputed medical journals, websites, portals, magazines, and newspapers. She has done her Dual Masters Degrees in Media and Human Resource Management from NIILM School of Business, New Delhi. She is also working for social causes for Peace- Development across the Globe as a "Youth Peace Activist & a Hair Transplant Consultant."