While the holidays are a fun and festive time for most of us, for some with criminal intentions, it’s a time of endless opportunities for theft, intrusion and generally making innocent people’s lives a misery.

Keeping your home safe over the festive period is doubtless your priority, and here are some tips to help you achieve that:

Resist posting your plans on social media
You might want the world to know what fun you have planned over the holidays, but for anyone looking for an empty home to break into, and gifts and other items to steal, social media posts announcing people’s plans to be out of town, are the ultimate Xmas gift for thieves.

Use timed or smart lights
Very few thieves will attempt to break into a home that is well lit from both the inside and the outside, and with the installation of security lights that operate on a timer or sensors (for exterior lights only), or even smart lights that are linked to your smart device, you can make criminals think you’re at home, even when you’re not.

Install a Smart Home Security System
Talk to your local licensed locksmith about having a smart home security system installed, and gain the ability to control your lights and security system, from your phone, wherever you happen to be.

A digital security system is your first line of defense against criminals, since it will alert you and nearby law enforcement, should anyone try breaking into your home when you’re not there. With many types of smart home security systems available, your local locksmith is the best person to talk to about which system would best suit both your needs, and your budget.

Cover the basics – make your doors and windows secure
It might be worth engaging with your local residential locksmith to have them come out and assess the condition of your existing door and window locks. This most basic security measure is often overlooked, and if with strong locks that are in good working order, you can keep even the most determined of thieves at bay. If your locks are inadequate and would benefit from being upgraded, your locksmith can arrange for them to be changed, and have them professionally installed.

Keep gifts out of plain sight
There’s nothing more festive than a beautiful tree adorned with decorations, and a stack of gifts under the tree, but having this in plain view where anyone with criminal intentions can see it, is asking for trouble.

Buy a smart camera doorbell
Enabling you to monitor your home from wherever you happen to be, with just the use of a smartphone, a smart video doorbell can prevent thieves from trying to get into your home, or steal packages left on your doorstep.

Don’t let thieves ruin the holidays for you and your family, talk to your local locksmith about the many ways you can make your home as secure as it can possibly be, even when you’re away from.

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