This month has kind of felt like I’ve been walking through sludge! I’ve been experiencing some growing pains and bumping up against some really deep inner barriers. The kind of stuff that drains your energy on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. I bet you know exactly what I mean, don’t you?

Over the past week or so I’ve started to come out of it. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel was not a train, as I had feared, but it was a brightly lit candle illuminating the path of my future.

I often encourage my clients to ‘zoom out’ and get a broader view of their experience from the eyes of their inner observer to see what they can learn from it. I took my own advice and what I saw was a reminder we could all use from time to time.

What I learned (again) from this past month is that whenever we are experiencing contrast or discord, it is our inner guidance system sounding the alarms warning us that we are heading in the wrong direction.

Perhaps there is a value we are not honoring, or we are forcing something to happen that on a surface level we THINK is the right move, but on a deeper level our Inner Wisdom knows otherwise. Or maybe we are playing small because fear is keeping us from going for the BIG prize that the wise voice inside knows is ours for the taking.

Whatever the case there is a misalignment inside and it’s wreaking havoc on your current experience. What’s great about that misalignment once you understand what it really is – a don’t want – you can then look to the opposite of the don’t want and voilà you are looking square in the face of that which you DO want.

Simply put, once you know what you don’t want you can easily discern what you do want. When you are clear about what you do want you can then begin focusing on it, thinking about it, feeling what it would be like to have it, align yourself with Universal energy, and finally manifest it into your reality!

Woo Hoo! Let’s hear it for contrast, discord and ALL of your gunk!

When you don’t FEEL GOOD it’s your inner guidance system, your Inner Wisdom, telling you you are disconnected from your Self. The more disconnected from your Self you are, the worse you are going to feel. I was a good bit away from home last month and I was feeling awful!

Now that I can see what I didn’t want from my experience, I am so clear about what I DO want and it FEELS GOOD. That feel good place is always a green light to GO, GO, GO! Keep moving in that direction. Keep aligning with the highest version of you.

Always move toward the emotions, people, ideas, thoughts and experiences that FEEL GOOD!

Your Assignment

  1. Make a list of the areas of your life that don’t feel good. Even if it feels just a little bit “off” write it down.
  2. Starting with that which feels the MOST “off” write down what exactly doesn’t feel right about that experience. Be very clear about how the experience feels for you. Put yourself in the middle of the experience, activate the emotions of BEING there and write it all down. (Don’t worry if you get emotional – that’s good! Because that will help you be even more clear with the next step!)
  3. Now look at step #2. Begin writing about the exact opposite experience. Again, get as detailed as you can. Activate the exact opposite emotions and really feeeeeel what it’s like to have that experience. This should conjure up very positive emotions that raise your vibration and align you with Universal energy.
  4. Be on the look out for inspired actions. Because you are aligning with Universal energy, you may begin to see solutions to help you move closer to that which you now know you desire. Write them down and TAKE ACTION.
  5. Once you have completed steps 1-4 begin again with the other areas of your life that are not in alignment.

I know it can be challenging to be grateful for the things in our life that don’t feel good. Yet once you see how they are really hidden gems positioned to guide us closer to our purpose, you can leverage these unwanted experiences to help you become more of who you are meant to be.

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