We must always remember that this world has a controller. With the help of his artistry he has created this earth and also man who rules it. The controller cannot see his creation getting destroyed thus. Children can be allowed to play pranks only up to a certain limit. When they are hell bent on breaking valuable and useful objects their otherwise affectionate parents reprimand them. There is a limit to straying. True understanding tells us to stop doing so. Those who behave tainted are sent to jail before they go to extremes. Sometimes they even face the death penalty. When diseases enter our body the life force makes intense effort to overcome them. This holds true for unwholesome activities seen everywhere. The controller has taken a contemporary decision that the blind trend heading towards destruction must be obstructed and again the flow must regain poise. When the government of a nation manifests incapability, President’s Rule sets rolling and instead of incapable, capable people start ruling so that the nation remains well managed.

Everyone is aware of the fearsome nature of darkness and mismanagement that ensues as a result. But along with this we must remember that the world’s management will not endure it for long. Sacred morning hours arrive, cocks shout, in the east dawn sets in and ultimately that sun appears which with its aura brightens all directions. New movements are seen to the extent that flowers bloom and birds fly about.

Before the present trend reaches the point of total destruction the creator wishes to obstruct it and create new circumstances of transformation. This has been envisaged by many subtle seers. A new thought is about to usher in. The direction of viewpoint is changing. Activities will definitely get transformed. All these changes can be seen in man’s intellectual arena. In their own way invisible energies that control a wider atmosphere is so hell bent on showing miracles in their fields that they will succeed in overthrowing undesirable trends and replace them with new values and glories.

Time’s speed and man’s intense efforts have induced a lot of swiftness. What could not be achieved right from commencement of creation till now has been made possible amazingly in just a few centuries. It could be undesirable and bad too. Since time is moving swiftly a man who walks 3 miles in 1 hour steps into an air plane and travels hundreds of miles. Due to the energy of man’s sheer dint of hard work time is moving that much more speedily. Whatever good or bad has been done by it has been done speedily. This speed will continue in future too. Reformation too will ensue swiftly. In whichever direction a storm blows there it shows its intensity.

This then is a symbol of extraordinary speed entering in the ordinary flow of era transformation. In future this flow will gain greater speed and in comparison to all changes that have taken place in the previous century the 21st century will give miraculous results. Thus it is everyone’s belief that in the 21st century downfall will stop and stormily will usher in a bright future. This is Mahakal’s inspiration-God’s desire-demand of time. This can be called the Panchajanya proclamation of era religion. Over here intense human efforts will be seen, but we must remember that behind it will be at work the creator’s intense inspiration and definite program. Despite man being ordinary he will be seen miraculously succeeding by working like Hanuman, Angad, Nal-Neel, Bhima, Arjun etc. The orator of Geeta had told arjun that destiny had already ordained the killing of Kauravas. Hence why was he dithering in accepting joy of ruling his kingdom and attaining eternal glory? In order to benefit from a good destiny why does he not see wisdom in it? Such inspirations will be given to thousands of people the world over and on the basis of an inner divine call will do as much as is required to induce a person via extraordinary enticements. As a result what could be done in hours will be done in seconds.

There is a story that during world annihilation or Mahapralaya the world was submerged in salty water. In its base was sticky mud. A miracle then ensued. A lotus emerged from this water. It had a thousand petals. The story does not end here. In the middle of the lotus appeared Brahma. Via knowledge of the Vedas he created the world. As a result various means and beauty manifested and thus a conscious world was created.

One may have 2 opinions regarding truth mentioned in mythology but one cannot ignore the possibility of a miracle definitely occurring during hard times faced today the world over. The 1000 petal lotus is ready to bloom. In it such a flow of divine consciousness shall emanate which will straighten that which is lopsided and a new creation of joyous potential will manifest akin to a lotus blooming in muck.

The initial stream of the 21st century has started sprouting from the grounds of International Gayatri Family, Shantikunj, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India (www.awgp.org). None should be astounded if this takes up further speed so as to manifest as a full flowing river. Light steam rises up a tad bit slowly initially but in a short while it takes the form of clouds and pours down. If not amazing what can we call it? Is it less mindboggling that a tiny seed sprouts forth so as to emerge as a gigantic tree? Our world at every step demonstrates such miracles. The fact is that whatever takes place in the past, present and future is just wondrous. If a tiny sperm becomes a full grown human measuring a few feet should it not be labeled a miracle? Galaxies and stars are hanging in interstellar space and move about swiftly. Hence should we not call it amazing?

Man is miniscule. His capacity is limited. His intellect, effort and success too is limited but this does not hold true for Almighty God. By and by the Lord brings about such seasonal changes that one can only wonder. Even if man wishes to do all this his efforts cannot match God’s mightiness.

When we study the mission of Avatars it is clear that they render the impossible possible. Since God is formless he cannot make efforts like creatures yet amongst various humans he chooses a few so that akin to air pumped into a balloon they become great. Hanumans, Angads, Narads, Arjuns, Buddhas, Gandhis etc despite being embodied humanly carried out such great tasks which can only be called mindboggling. Once, Vishwamitraji tried to create a new world in comparison to that created by Brahmaji. Such problems cannot be solved by the human intellect. In 3 fistfuls Agastyaji dried up the entire ocean. If behind these tasks God’s divine energy is at work it should be least amazing.

A long time has lapsed enduring a downfallen state due to a vile intellect. If all this can be straightened one should not be looked upon as impossible just because man’s limited prowess cannot enact such a widespread task. There are many actions which are very difficult for man to execute but how can it be difficult to enact tasks full of world well being for one who aids the hanging of stars, galaxies etc like lanterns in interstellar space?

A small beginning may be mocked yet the possibility that it will take a gigantic form cannot be ruled out. The movement initiated by Buddha and Gandhi was very ordinary in the beginning but when fate cooperated the reaction of the action was so terrific that one was left gaping wide eyed.

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