A No-Nonsense Approach to Making Decisions. A Self Help Guide to having Backbone and Integrity in all your choices, short term, and long term.

Is this decision going to be good for Me? To help Me be successful? How do I make the right choices? What are the effects and the outcomes? Ask yourself, Who am I really making these choices for?

Backbone Power was written to help everyone from mothers to college grads, to people that have to make hard choices between family and work. Anne Brown's professional experience and her no-nonsense approach can enable you to make decisions for yourself that will help you be successful. Regardless of Co-Dependency, Family Issues, Addictions, Emotional Stress, anxiety, or other issues. Find out how and why making choices for yourself can make you happy. Take this opportunity to read about real-life experiences with Anne to help you devote your choices to yourself. SAY NO to choices that aren't in your best interest and become more Successful.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Brown is an author, speaker, teacher, coach living in Sausalito, California. Before moving to Sausalito she lived in Aspen, Colorado for over twenty years. She served as the trusted advocate and advisor to Influential Corporate leaders, Trial Attorneys, Athletes, Leaders, Physicians, and their families, many whose connections extended well beyond the town of Aspen. Dr. Brown's nursing and psychosocial education afforded her the unique ability to assess and intervene with her clients' medical and emotional concerns.

Combining her own professional experience with that of her no-nonsense mentor, the former Chilean Minister of Finance, Dr. Fernando Flores, Dr. Brown used a methodology that helped people reveal their blindness's and speak authentically thereby decreasing their suffering and increasing their dignity and authenticity.