Many parents leave a babysitter checklist for their sitters. But, not always is the important information that should be on the checklist actually on it. Here, we are going to cover the basics for putting together a checklist for your babysitter. Some of the information you will need to put on the checklist should be updated regularly.

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to get you started on making your babysitter checklist.

1. Emergency phone numbers.

- parent(s) cell phone and work phone numbers
- close relative phone number (cell, work and home)
- pediatrician phone number
- neighbors
- number where you will be while you are out (restaurant, friends house etc.)
- poison control

2. Schedule that your child should follow while you are not with him/her

- bedtime
- nap time
- meals time
- snack time
- television time
- computer time

3. Rules your child should follow while you are not with him/her

- diapers only at map time
- no soda
- healthy snacks, no candy
- read before watching television or using computer etc.
- make bed, clean room etc.

4. Acceptable punishment you expect to be used in appropriate situations

- one minute in the corner per year of age (3 years old=3 minutes in timeout)
- loss of computer/television time for more serious punishment
- timeout chair when appropriate

5. When it is appropriate to call you for reinforcement or assistance

- if the child is unruly, destructive to themselves, the house, the sitter or other children
- a low grade fever is present
- a rash is increasing in severity over a short period of time
- child needs medical attention
- if an unexpected trip will be taken (park, mall etc)

6. Allergies

- to medications
- to foods
- animals

7. Medications

- the dosage and frequency of any medications the child is taking
- dosage amount for medications and time to give the medication to treat your child for a fever, flu symptoms etc.
- what to look for if your child is taking a new medication

You will need to customize your babysitter checklist to suit the needs of your child and sitter. However, this should be used as a guideline to create and accurate and clear list of information for your sitter. It is also suggested that you keep this list on your refrigerator and another list near your telephone for quick reference.

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