After predicting the beginning of World War II, one of the darkest periods in human history, Baba Vanga left another horror prophecy behind her.

A blind Bulgarian prophetess predicted a beginning of a new disease that threatens to wipe out most of Europe's and world's population. This fearful disease will attack the human species without mercy. Only rare will survive!

After this prophecy of Baba Vanga, the future of humankind will become questionable

The name of Baba Vanga, a woman who has seen the end of the world according to folk traditions, will forever be remembered in history. The most marvelous and the most mystic prophet gained fame all around the world because of her visions.

She foresaw the most critical world events, especially disasters. Famous persons and great political leaders from all over the world came to Baba Vanga for her to see their fate. Many did not like her prophecies, especially Bulgarian king Boris III, who soon passed away after visiting the blind prophet.

Hera is the list of some of her the most famous prophecies in which she predicted the following:

• World War II,
• Stalin's death,
Death of a Princess Diana,
• The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Republic,
The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center,
• Large floods in 2014.

These prophecies marked the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. Other prophecies have been written down and thoroughly researched in Bulgarian institutes.

The scientists have concluded that Baba Vanga was right in almost 80% of cases!

A large percentage of the accuracy of her prophecies have attracted more and more attention every year. The very idea that Baba Vanga has foreseen so many things has forced us to ask ourselves what is next.

That's why we bring you the prophecies of Baba Vanga which are waiting for us in a not so distant future:

2023. The earth's orbit changes;
2025. Europe is becoming poorly populated;
2028. Finding a new energy source. World hunger is starting developing. A spaceship with human crew will be launched toward Venus,
2033. The ice caps melt rapidly, and the ocean level grows;
2046. The breeding of human organs for a new method of treatment begins;
2066. A new climatic weapon is applied that causes sudden cooling,
2088. A new disease is reported. Aging in a just few seconds.

The future is turbulent, and the most pessimistic prophecy is a new disease that will affect the planet, and the winner in the fight with it is already known in advance.

We know that Baba Vanga was right before because this blind prophet predicted another disease in the 80s of the last century, and we still don't have a cure for that disease.
Back then Baba Vanga said: "Beware, soon there will be new, so far unknown diseases. Even those who did not suffer will get sick."

She thought that people could influence and prevent the outbreak of this disease, but it did happen anyway. Later, the disease became known as AIDS.

What is this new disease that Baba Vanga predicted?

Many others also predict the new incurable disease, but less-known prophets (and some famous scientists as well). It is still not entirely clear what kind of a disease it will be. From the prophecies left by the blind Bulgarian prophet, we do not know much about this disease.

We only know that people will grow older within a few seconds and there will be no cure for it. A large percentage of the population will, within a brief period, under the influence of the new disease, disappear from the face of the Earth.

No one knows precisely how this will happen. Baba Vanga did not provide a more detailed view of those years.

Numerous analysts have been trying for years to interpret Baba Vanga’s words. They followed her previous prophecies, as well as her future ones, and taking into account all the world's trends, and they came to the conclusion that the disease would arise as a result of the use of climatic weapons, which Baba Vanga also warned us.

On the other hand, there is a new current that claims that the cause of the new disease lies in the influence of some unknown external factors that will cause mutations in some of the current diseases.

Just as Baba Vanga believed that AIDS could have been avoided, there is also a particular group of people who say that this scenario can be avoided as well. They are deeply convinced that the omnipotent prophet has left enough useful tips behind that can help us prevent the onset of a new illness. They are firmly convinced that only those who have been cast black magic upon will be infected. Therefore, in every way, they try to protect themselves from spells.

Thousands of people began to follow their theory. Some even go to visit other prophets and believe that it is the only protection against dark spells and black magic.

We do not know who is right, but one thing is certain, a fascinating future is awaiting us!

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