Neurodermatitis is a condition which targets the skin, an itchy patch of skin appears on the skin, which can be itchy and painful also.

Due to irritation when you try to scratch it, it makes it itchier. This itch-scratch cycle causes the affected skin to become more thick and leathery.

Forearms, wrists, neck, legs or body parts around the anus can be the target of this infection. Lichen simplex chronicus  is another name given to neurodermatitis. This condition is neither contagious nor life-threatening. But the itching can be so intense in nature that it can affect sexual life, your sleep and quality of life you live. As it is a lifelong condition, this problem makes a patient`s problem a worry something. Hence the face depression due to this problem.

Chronic and long term rubbing or scratching the skin on a specific part makes skin prone to a patch of skin like condition. It is a condition that is similar to the condition of atopic dermatitis.

To get out of this problem we must identify the factors which lead this problem to grow day by day.

Neurodermatitis Treatment in Ayurveda

Causes of Neurodermatitis

The exact cause of this problem is not found but rubbing and scratching on the skin, bug bite and wearing very tight clothes in which respiration is difficult can also be the reason for this problem.

Some disorders of the skin which lead to the problem of neurodermatitis like psoriasis,  eczema and dry skin can cause the problem of neurodermatitis.

If you are suffering from the problem of stress, anxiety, and depression than it's advised to the person who is suffering from Neurodermatitis to be happy and must stay away from the problem of stress by doing meditation and Yoga.

Risk Factors Which May Lead You to This Problem:

Age: Between the age of 30 to 50 people are mostly fall prey to this disease.

Sex : Women are more in numbers than men who tend to get this problem of neurodermatitis.

Mental status: Persons suffering from depression are more prone to get this problem.

Hereditary: If your ancestors were suffering from infections like eczema, psoriasis, etc. are more likely to develop the infection of neurodermatitis.

Ayurveda and Neurodermatitis

According to  Ayurveda when "Pitta" dosha gets aggravated,it results in "Vicharchika" is the name given to neurodermatitis by

Ayurveda, due to this it vitiates other doshas also and dhatus like "rakta", "mansa" and "twacha".

Due to aggravated "pitta " toxins are the result known as "Ama". Hence these toxins can create the problem of neurodermatitis.

Diet for Neurodermatitis

According to Ayurveda "Achar ","Ahar","Vihar" all these matters for good health and also the prosperity of a person.

You Should Avoid These Habits and Diet

  1. Avoid eating incompatible foods:" Agni" which is the digestive fire in our body when get aggravated due to overload on our digestive system can bring the problem of "Ama" into our body. Combination of foods which are incompatible to each other can make havoc in our digestive system hence the whole body is disturbed as the digestive system is one of the main systems in our body, for e.g. combining Citrus fruits like orange with milk or dairy products and eating fish with dairy products can be crucial to your digestive system.
  2. Excessive intake of heavy to digest and fatty foods, oily foods, etc.
  3. Transferring from very hot temperature to cold temperature like after doing extensive sports or training in the sun and suddenly takes a bath or shifts to A/C. room can make you sick and bad for your skin also.
  4. Overeating, eating snacks or food even previous meals does not digest properly is also one of the reasons for skin problems like neurodermatitis.
  5. Consuming heavy deep-fried meals and dairy and excessive sweet products.
  6. Having a physical relation with a partner just within 3 hours of meals.
  7. Extensive exercise after heavy meals or doing heavy physical work.
  8. Excessive use of fish, salted foods, foods containing preservatives.
  9. Sleeping in a day.

Remedies by Ayurveda

1.Bowel movements: To avoid indigestion you should take care of your bowel movements and give it a boost by hydrating and feeding fibrous food.

2. Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco smoking should be avoided.

3. Meals should be fresh and they should be made with pure cow`s ghee rising before dawn should be a must.

4. Eat a variety of fresh foods mixing them in the right combination is the best way for your bowel and digestive system also.

Some  Helpful Tips From Ayurveda:

1. Coconut oil around 100ml and 1 teaspoon purified camphor mixed it thoroughly, apply on the itchy area.

2. Fresh fruit juices without preservatives, additives, artificial sugar should be consumed for purifying the skin and best for your digestive system with, best if you should take them with their fiber.

3. NEEM(Azardirachta indica )should be used as barking roots of NEEM boiled with water and used to drink as a tea.

4. Aloe vera gel is best as a treatment for the problem of Neurodermatitis, coconut oil around 150ml mix it with Aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area of Neurodermatitis.

5. A wonderful drink for Neurodermatitis you can make with the carrots when chopped around 200 gms, and by adding 100 gms celery,50 gms parsley,50 gms spinach,50 gms beetroot.


After processing them in a juicer try to drink an empty stomach in the morning for better results.

Planet Ayurveda`s Herbal remedies  for Neurodermatitis

A pioneer in the field of Ayurveda provides the best quality herbal remedies that are free from hazardous chemicals, preservatives, and additives. For best and effective results you can use them.

Here are Some of The Best Herbs Prepared for Best Results to Treat Neurodermatitis:

Dosage and Useage:

1.Neem capsules

1 capsule with plain water twice a day after meals.

2.Manjishtha capsules

1 capsule after meals twice a day with palin water.

3.Tea tree

Aloe vera premium handmale bathing bar,for usage ask your physician about it.

4.Nirgundi oil

Ask your physiscian about the usage.

5. Gandhak rasayan

2 tablets twice a daily with plain water.

6.Radiant Skin Hair Nails Formula

1 capsule twice daily, with plain water after meals.


Neurodermatitis can be treated with changing the lifestyle and Adapting natural home remedies and Ayurveda`s best treatments mentioned above can be very beneficial for treating Neurodermatitis.

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