Lately I've been doing a lot of healings and I often encounter people with their auras somewhat aligned to the left or right side of the person. In talking to the Creator I've discovered that this is telling me when a person is focused on the past or future, their aura changes its position to represent where a person is projecting themselves. For me, if a person is projecting themselves into the future and they are facing me, their aura is shifted to their left. If they are projecting into the past, it is shifted to the right.

Today I did a healing on a client who had the most dramatically-aligned aura I have ever seen. It was completely shifted all the way to their left! When I questioned her I found that she has no memory of a large part of her childhood. She was so focused on forgetting events in her life that her aura literally pulled away from the past and wasn't even encompassing her Energetic Bodies at all! This is not a natural state for people to be in. Animals don't exist in the future or the past. They stay grounded in Present Time and their auras always center around them perfectly.

As Spiritual Beings we must remain in Present Time in order to take advantage of the moment. It is within Present Time that we realize our power to Manifest and create our Reality. I was told that while we are in Present Time, we are in the Presence of the Creator. I found this to be true for me. When I'm giving a reading, I have to be in Present Time. The information I get is clear and comes from the Creator. This is why I have such success with what I do.

Another aspect of auric healing is to repair tears and holes. Tears are most often caused when one is attacked by another person, either physically, emotionally, or energetically. Holes are often caused by criticism and judgement.

After today's healing I realized something I hadn't put together before. When I see damage on a particular side of the aura, its telling me when the damage occured. For my client today, her holes were largely a part of her childhood. The other side of her aura was clear! I'm excited about learning this today as it is a remarkable tool for healing and growth.

Part of my job as a Healer is to realign the aura to the body. Since the aura is an energetic filter and helps to keep out other people's energies and emotions from entering the Energetic Bodies, it is essential that the aura be properly maintained and aligned. When my clients experience a healing, they almost universally feel clearer, centered, balanced and full of positive energy. They become lighter and more clearly feel the Presence of Creator. Having an aura that is properly aligned and repaired is key in producing a profound effect and in keeping that new state from reverting to older expressions.

I strongly encourage other healers to pay close attention to the aura of the person they are healing and not to become focused on just unblocking chakras or cutting psychic cords. The aura is often overlooked by healers and its value is greatly underestimated!

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