I have been working as a psychic reader and therapist for a long time. In my practice, I have noticed most people who reach out to me are interested in resolving issues related to their love lives. People either ask me if they will find true love, or if the love from their existing partner is genuine. What’s the secret of attracting love?
I have been working with both men and women who are frustrated by unsuccessfully seeking love. Their complaint is every time they attract a partner the relationship turns out sour and dissatisfying. There tends to be a pattern in dissatisfying relationships where people take on a victim role, and decide their partner is always responsible, or they have bad luck.
In my therapy sessions, I show it is not about destiny nor is it the responsibility of one’s partner to make the relationship satisfying. Each of us has have a responsibility to make the changes in order to create meaningful relationships.
Laura had previously experienced two unsatisfactory and abusive marriages. She recently became attracted to a man in her life, who appeared loving. As it turned out, he was actually an abuser as well.
In our therapy session, I told her about the The Law of Attraction. It means energy follows thought. If you feel sad, your energy drops. Whatever your dominating emotions are, you are reflecting the same energy in your life. Conversely, you are also attracting similar kinds of energies in your life. So the situations, the events, the people and the behavior that you are surrounding yourself with all are factors of the energy you are portraying.
Laura has a very low self-esteem, and is unable to feel self-love or respect. In her mind, she is not worthy of receiving true love or respect. The broken relationships of her past made her feel so low that her dominant thoughts reflect negativity, resulting in yet another abusive relationship.
When Laura first came to my therapy session, she had no idea why she kept experiencing harmful relationships. But as we progressed, she realized unless she changes her dominant emotions, her relationships will never change.
Laura has now taken responsibility of her own life and relationships. She finally understands all love starts from the inside, and as our energy rises we will attract greater opportunities for love.
How did Laura achieve this realization?
Along with the therapy session, Laura is also using meditation CDs in her sleep. These CDs help to clear her mind from toxins of the past and allow her to explore limitless expansions.
Using meditation CDs while sleeping allows the conscious mind to get out of the way and the subconscious mind to absorb all of the benefits of meditation.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Bhasweti Gewhas, Ph.D. I am a certified hypnotherapist, past life therapist, Reiki master, EFT practitioner, Theta healer, Feng Shui consultant, ordained minister and life coach.

I have spent over 10 years engaged in extensive research and continuous training and education in India and the United States with master level practices in stress reduction therapy, holistic health and alternative therapies.