If you want to pull clients in with your marketing, first you’ll need to get their attention by providing real solutions. And, I mean not the fluff you see out there – but real solutions your clients can use and get results from.

Second, and this is just as big as the first, your materials need to focus on your prospects, not on your methods. Too many marketers get this wrong… It’s not about you or your process or methods – it’s about the solutions and results you provide! Truth is, potential clients don’t care how you get the job done, they just want to know they’ll get the needed results. This combination has a tremendous impact on prospects, making it easy for them to connect with you.

Why is that? Because everyone is tuned into the same channel on the dial: “WIIFM.” WIIFM stands for “What’s in it for me?” That is exactly what your target is thinking and what they want to know first and foremost.

So, how can you position your marketing in a way to focus on the solutions and results your clients most want? To make pull marketing work for you, you need to position yourself as your target’s problem-solver. Your marketing messages must address their problems in their language and offer a solid solution (risk-free works best). In other words, you must market and talk about your business, based on your results. This is the tried and true formula for pull marketing.

Let’s back up a bit to understand how you can execute this. Think about the results people get from working with you. Then, consider what remarkable advantages you have over others – including your competition. And, also think about what makes you a credible resource. Get prepared to answer the dreaded questions, “Why should I work with you as opposed to her?”

When you can address the conversation already going on in a person’s head, you will make them feel like you know them better than anyone else. That makes people feel understood and comfortable with you. And in turn, this establishes a foundation of trust which is the essential quality needed to land new clients.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Take some time to determine answers to the following four questions:

1. What results do your clients get from working with you?
2. What advantages do you have vs. your competitors?
3. What makes you a credible resource?
4. Why should clients choose you?

Next, think about the conversation already going on in your target audience’s head. What are their biggest problems, challenges and worries?

After gathering all this information, come up with some provocative questions to ask prospects that allow you to talk with them, as if you already know them. Now that you have familiarized yourself with their needs, you do know something about them. Let that show and you will “pull” them in a lot more easily than any sales pitch could ever do.

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