Self Empowerment by Controlling Anger
Let's start off with a story that interpret the danger of anger. Once there live a rich woman that is well known in high society for her benevolence who had a maid that was faithful and diligent. One day, out of curiosity, the maid decided to test her mistress to find out if she was honestly good by nature or if she was just putting a mask for the sake of appearance in her high society surroundings.

The following morning, the maid got off from her bed quite late at around afternoon time and the mistress scolded her for being late. The next day, the maid repeated the late rising again and this time round, the mistress burst into rage and struck the maid with a stick thus hurting her.

This new spread around the neighborhood and the rich woman lost not only her reputation but also a faithful servant.

Similarly, it is also reflected in this modern society, people are kind and modest when their surrounding conditions are good and satisfactory. But when conditions changed for the bad and become unfavorable, they will become irritated and filled with anger. Remember there is a saying, "When others are good, we can also be good. When others are evil, it is easy for us to become evil".  Anger is being described as an ugly and destructive emotion that all human mankind are subjected to in our daily life. It is a negative emotion that is hiding within us, waiting for the chance to flare up and take control of our life. It can be ignited by a flash of lightning that blinded us temporarily and causes us to act unreasonably. Uncontrolled anger can cause us a great deal of emotional and physical harm and we must learn to curb it.

Controlling Anger

A good method to control anger is to act as if the undesirable thoughts do not exist in our mind. By utilizing our will power, we focus our minds on positive things and thus eliminate the negative thought. It is difficult to react peacefully to someone who insults or humiliated us, even though our physical body is not harmed and find it almost impossible to reciprocate insults with courtesy and respect. But the test of character is how we deal with situations that are confronting us in our daily lives. Remember this, darkness cannot be dispelled by darkness but by brightness. In the same way, hatred cannot be overcome by hatred but by loving kindness.

There are 3 types of people in terms of anger management and we must strive to be the third kind.

The first type of people are like letters carved on a rock, because they easily give in to anger and retain the negative emotion for a very long time.

The second kind are like letter written in sand; they give way to anger also but the angry thoughts quickly passed on.

The third kind are like letter written in the wind; they let anger and negative emotion slipped by unnoticed, therefore their minds are always pure and undisturbed.

We must constantly train ourselves to observe and analyse our emotion when we are angry. By repeatedly practicing self analysis of our moods, we will gain greater confidence in being able to control ourselves and will not act foolishly or irrationally.

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