Today I would like to discuss a very distressing symptom that many Asthmatics experience, and that is coughing (Asthma Cough) and being unable to take their inhalers.
This can sometimes occur in the winter time with the Asthmatic waking up in the middle of the night coughing or first thing in the morning. A sharp drop in the temperature of the room overnight can cause this; one way of combating the problem is to have a small heater on low in the bedroom each night, thus keeping the room at an even temperature. On saying that please making sure it is a heater that is completely safe and has a good energy rating. Also make sure that the room has no draughts and that the curtains are closed, so the heat does not escape.

However, there can be other causes for coughing, but firstly let’s look at what a cough is – A cough is a sudden, explosive exhalation of air. The function of a cough is to clear material from the airways. Coughing is a familiar but reasonable complicated reflex and is one way in which the lungs and airways are protected.
Coughing only occurs when the airways are irritated –
Respiratory infections, either bacterial or viral can irritate the airways and are a common cause of coughing.
Allergies are a big cause of irritation to the airways as well and may cause postnasal drip, in which nasal secretions drain down the back of the nose into the throat and sometimes into the trachea and other airways, where they produce irritation resulting in Coughing. Many Asthmatics have continuous Post Nasal Drip.
Coughing may also result from gastroesophageal reflux, in which stomach or oesophageal contents flow backward from the oesophagus into the trachea and airways, producing irritation.
We would advise you see expert advice from Your Medical Practitioner/Respiratory Physician regarding the cause of your cough and a management plan tailored to suit you.
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That’s all I have for you today on Asthma and Cough (Asthma Cough)
I wish you and yours the best of Health!
It is important to note that information contained in this post is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Any questions regarding a medical diagnosis or treatment should be directed to a medical practitioner.

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