Are you one of the many people who still doubt that the Law of Attraction really works? Have you perhaps tried working with the principles but didn’t see many results? It’s possible that you are using the Law of Attraction in negative ways without knowing it. Below are some common ways you might be doing so:

• Sneaky negative thoughts.

Even if you have been working diligently to improve the quality of your thoughts, you may be entertaining negative thoughts without knowing it. As an example, let’s say that you visualize and recite a list of positive affirmations first thing in the morning and then get on with your day.

If you spend the rest of the day getting frustrated about various things or feeling angry about the actions of other people, or wondering when “this law of attraction thing” is going to start working, you are probably overriding the progress you make during your morning sessions.

Remember that your thought habits must be consistent in order to see consistent results. If you swing back and forth between negative and positive thoughts all day long, you will simply keep emitting a mixed signal to the universe and consequently receive mixed results.

• Automatically expecting the worst.

Do you frequently adopt a pessimistic outlook on life? Do you automatically jump to negative conclusions about the things that happen to you? If so, you are actually sending out “requests” for negative things to happen to you.

It’s easy to do this without even realizing it. For example, you might often say to people, “Good things like that don’t happen to me. I’ve got the worst luck of anyone I know. If there’s a way to mess it up, I’ll find it!” These statements actually reflect limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, and the Law of Attraction simply accepts them as “truth”.

Changing these limiting beliefs into more empowering beliefs requires you to keep reinforcing more positive statements about yourself and your life.

For example, saying things like, “I expect good things to happen to me. I make my own luck. I may not be perfect but I’m really good at a lot of things.” The more you say things like this, the more you’ll begin to believe them, and the more your circumstances will start to reflect them as “truths”.

The funny thing about the Law of Attraction is that no one can prove to you that it’s real – you have to see it in action with your own eyes. But the more you work with the principles while keeping an open mind, you begin to notice little bits of progress that will keep building your belief stronger and stronger.

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David Hooper is a Law of Attraction expert and author of "The Rich Switch - The Simple 3-Step System to Turn on Instant Wealth Using the Law of Attraction." Visit to get a copy of the audio book version free of charge.