Using the Law of Attraction to create a better life seems like it should be simple; get clear about what you want, visualize it and focus on it frequently, take inspired action, and “poof!” – wish granted.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that smoothly for everyone. In fact, a good percentage of people who try to use the Law of Attraction deliberately get frustrated and give up when it doesn’t seem to be working. However, they often don’t realize that there are numerous common mistakes that can effectively stop progress dead in its tracks.

Take a look at three of these common manifestation blockages below and see if you may be getting stuck on them too:

1) Fear

Did you know that it’s possible to fear the very things you desperately want to attract? For example, you may have a strong desire to lose weight, but in the back of your mind you are also frightened by the idea. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable about the attention you would receive, or you may be using your excess pounds as an excuse not to pursue other big dreams because you fear failure.

As long as fear creates conflicts like these within you, you will not allow your desire to manifest. To clear the conflicts, you must identify and release the fearful beliefs first, and then the desires will be able to manifest.

2) Frustration

Another common stumbling block occurs when you get frustrated that things aren’t moving along as quickly as you’d like. If you spend a couple of weeks visualizing, affirming, making vision boards – and then spend days feeling angry and upset because nothing seems to be happening, you are emitting a contradictory “signal” to the universe that will slow down your progress.

As hard as it may sound, patience and trust are crucial when using the Law of Attraction. You have to trust that your desires will be manifest with perfect timing and avoid getting frustrated in the meantime.

3) Force

Finally, it is important to let go and allow the universe to deliver your desires in the best possible way – even if that way isn’t what you were initially hoping for. Very often people get stuck on “how” their desires should be fulfilled and end up blocking other possibilities that could be just as wonderful. When you truly let go and stay open to any and all possibilities, the universe can find endless ways to surprise and delight you!

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