Life is a master or servant game. There are some laws of this game and only the ones who know them can succeed. The others can only become servants.

Take a look at your life and find out if you are the servant or master of your life. Most of the people are the servants but they do not know that. They think that successful people are lucky. They are not lucky. They are the masters.

So, if you are a servant, would you like to switch the roles?

How would it feel to be master of your life?

My Life is My Master

Some people need someone to lead them. They are afraid of making decisions or taking action. They are afraid of failures. They have no self confidence. Interestingly, they are happy with their lives. They are the servants of their lives. Do you know why?

They do not choose to be the servant. They only do not know how to be the master of life. They are not leaders. They do not know the necessary laws of the universe to shape their lives. They do not set goals for themselves.
They simply give up and go with the wind.

I am the Master of My Life

Other people know what they want. They set up their goals and make the orders. When everything is set up, life obeys their orders. It is not too complicated.
They know the laws of the universe and they simply use their mind power to follow the laws.

They never give up and go with the wind instead; they use a sail to use the wind.

What do you need to be the Master of Your Life?

Actually you have all you need to be the master but you do not know how to use it. All you need is your mind power. Everyone has that power but unless you know how to use it, you cannot be the master. Life is also powerful so you must obey the laws of the game.

There are some simple steps to switch from servant to master. If you have doubts about any of these steps, please keep this in mind; each step mentioned below is from scientific researches.

1. You must set up your goals. You cannot go anywhere unless you know your destination.
2. You must stop worrying. They are only barriers on your road.
3. You must take action now. Time is precious. You cannot know how much time you have to reach your goals.
4. You must be happy. Your emotions are only the signals of your brain and you can change these.
5. You must have self-confidence. Do not afraid of making mistakes. If you are a servant what can be worse?
6. You must feel attractive to attract what you want. Take care of yourself.
7. You must have enough sleep. Your brain needs sleep to refresh itself.
8. You must believe in success. If you have doubts you cannot take a step forward.
9. You must not give up. What is the use of it?
10. You must be creative to change possibilities into opportunities.
11. You must choose your social environment carefully. Social support empowers your mind power.
12. You must notice little successes you have to achieve bigger ones. Do not underestimate any success.
13. You must stop wandering of your mind. If you do not lead your mind, it will only make you unhappy.
14. You must control your anger. Anger is only a waste of time. You know that it will pass, so make it quick.
15. You must not call your memories which make you unhappy or angry. You felt all the anger and unhappiness once and they are passed over. Why do you need them again?
16. You must focus on what you want instead of how to reach it. If your reasons for what you want are strong enough you do not need to worry about how.

Author's Bio: 

Nil Celen is an investigator for the proofs of "Mind Power" and how to improve it, based on scientific resources.

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