Most people wander through their entire life believing they are in the drivers seat …

But are they really?

Are you???

When you are driving your vehicle, you have your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, your foot on the gas (ready to brake if necessary) and most important of all you KNOW your destination.

What would happen if you took your hands off the wheel?
You could wind up in a ditch, driving on the opposite side of the road or even taking a nice little off road trip ….

None of which would be very pleasant.

What would happen if you took your eyes off the road?

I can think of an entire host of problems that could arise – none of them being good. My son recently rear-ended someone because he was looking for something on the seat next to him – He only took his eyes off the road for a second or two.

What would happen if you took your foot off of the gas pedal?

Your car would coast for a while and then eventually stop.

What would happen if you didn’t know your destination?

You would never arrive. You would drive around aimlessly never reaching anything – never knowing where you are going next.

Sadly, this is the way many of us lead our lives. We have no clear direction or goals.

We just wish and hope and pray that our ship will come in – believing things are bound to turn around for the better.

Unfortunately they rarely do.

Take control of your destiny now. Begin setting GOALS for yourself today.

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