•Do you know the first step for success?

•Do you know the first step to act?

•Do you think you have free-will?

•Do you know that, success has a strong link with the belief in free-will?

•Do you think that, you can always choose to be a winner or a looser?

Success starts with belief. This is not the belief in yourself. This is not about religious belief. You should believe that you have free-will to decide.

How can You Get Prepared for Success?

You have to act if you want success. You cannot just sit and wait to be successful, you have to find a way to get what you want and act. So, what you should do to act? Before we are aware of the intention of moving, our brains have to be ready. Milliseconds before the voluntary action; brain gets ready for the action than sends the signal to the muscles. This pre-conscious aspect of motor control can be referred "readiness potential."

That means if we want to act to get what we want, we need to be ready for the action. If readiness potential is nothing we can change consciously, what will we do? This is where free-will is important. Belief in free-will affects the readiness potential of the brain. We sometimes hesitate when the time comes to act. We just cannot do that. We feel like frozen. What can be wrong? Maybe the problem is only our belief in free-will.

You Like To Play With me?

I have a game for you. Rules are simple. You do not have to decide anything, just follow the signs and get to the exit. Would you play that game? Would you even start it? It will be so boring to play that kind of game, and you will not even start.


•Why do you quit before you start it?

•Do not you get excited about the game or the results?

•Do not you find it interesting enough to work on it?

There is no free-will in that game. You can only decide to start or end it. If you do not start the game, you will not succeed. If you know the name of the game, would you change your mind? The name of the game is "Life." You do not believe in free-will and you do not play. You believe in free-will and you play.

Free-will is Like a Switch for Success.

•If you turn on the switch, your subconscious will be ready to act. You will have the power to move on.

•If you turn off the switch, your subconscious will give up because you believe that you have no choice.

There are people who are cheating death every day. A coma patient wakes up after 20 years. A cancer patient beats the illness and turns back to his life. A woman survives under wreck for 7 days after an earthquake. These are like miracles and they happen every day. When the doctors cannot find an explanation, some say that; the patient has strong ties with life and that keep them alive. I know everyone has different explanations about death.

I prefer to believe in free-will. Maybe death is the last question of our exam, and there are two options. Do you want to live or die? Maybe we are free to decide, who knows?

Free-will Lead to Success

You cannot succeed unless you believe in free-will. Even if you try hard to be successful, your subconscious will not have the power to act. Will you notice that? No. You will only think that you need more motivation to take a step. Maybe you will think that you do not have enough self-confidence. Working hard, being motivated or having the right sources make no sense if you do not act. If you want to act to be successful, before everything else, you should believe in free-will to be ready to act, even before you intent to move.

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