There is a continuous flow in all of life. Whether it is the earth beneath your feet, or the solar system above your head. Life is circulating at all times. The reason why I mention this "circulation of life", is because when this circulation becomes blocked, or has a kink somewhere, that is where unbalance sets in.

Let's just focus on you for now.

Your health. When you are ill, your body is unbalanced. Which means somewhere in the circulation of energy in your body, there is block or kink. As soon as this flow is restored, your body becomes balanced, and you are healthy once again. Your immune system plays a huge part in keeping your body balanced as you know. It supports this flow of energy within you.

Your relationships. There needs to be a continuous flow of love/positive energy flowing through your relationships, or else they will fail. Of course there are times when it again, becomes kinked or blocked and you may go through a small period of unhappiness. But if the flow regains itself, your relationship recovers.

You must give, and you must receive in your relationships, that is the circulation. Ever tried to give love to your spouse, but they never accept it. It usually just is pushed back at you or deflected? And then they usually get depressed, or go to other sources to try and make themselves happy.

As long as you give and receive gratefully and graciously, your relationships will flourish, or you will find new ones that will. This is a balanced relationship. You give and you receive, give and receive, and give and receive. Of course this is made as simple as possible for example reasons.

Wealth. Again, there is a circulation, a flow of money. Ever met a hoarder of money. Who hangs on so tightly to their money, afraid that they might lose it all. I guarantee you they are broke, or will become broke. Money for one, is useless unless it is in circulation.

What is a hundred dollar bill in your pocket worth? Nothing, until you buy something, or give it to someone else. You will notice that the majority of rich people, and all of rich people who become rich on the creative plane, are very, very generous. They love to give their money and knowledge. That is partly why they have become successful. They participate in the circulation of money, they focus on the giving, and the receiving part comes automatically.

Some may say that the world is very unbalanced when it comes to money. Since 95% of the money is earned by 5% of the people, I would agree that it is terrible out of balance, which is perhaps why the economy is where it is today. Where the balance actually lies in that, is the amount of service, value and generosity on the individual person. Only 5% of people are living up to their full potential financially, and providing excellent service and value.

To allow energy to flow to and through you is vital to growth. It is how we grow. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Circulation of energy IS growth!

That is the circulation of life, that is balance!

Sending Energy Your Way,

Author's Bio: 

Adam Bercier is a certified law of attraction practitioner. He helps others understand the universal laws and how to apply it into their lives. Whether to discover the relationship of money and the law of attraction or how to go about attracting love into their life.