Tick tock, tick tock! Are you a time bomb ready to explode? Stress and overwhelm are one of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Between taking care of their family, personal life and business there just seems to be too much going on and not enough time. It just seems impossible to keep up with everything! Does that sound familiar?

You always have to choose what to do. The choosing makes you feel guilty. If you take care of your family or friends, your business suffers ….and if you take care of your business, you feel as you’re letting someone down. To make matters even worse, if you try to do everything (be a “super” being) you typically end up run down and sick. You just can’t win, right? There has to be a better way!

One of my clients, “Sharon”, had a solid 6-figure business, was working days, nights, and weekends. She has a husband and 1 toddler and a menagerie of dogs and cats. The only thing she was happy about was her income as she was starting to resent all of the hours she was working, her clients and her husband’s lack of support. Sharon had bad luck in the past with the people she had hired and was resistant to do so. She couldn’t even remember the last time she took time for herself. She put in place the following suggestions (and many more) and has changed her life 180 degrees. She has hired virtual support, set boundaries with her clients (this was a tough one for her to do before our work together), had serious conversations with her husband and is regularly taking yoga classes and time off. Huge difference in her life. Best of all, she is happy. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, she’s making more money.

Here are a few suggestions that I’ve given clients to start: (I have lots more, but this is to get you going!)

1) Delegate non-income generating activities wherever you can in your business. Others may not do it the same way as you (or as good as you) but if will free you up to have more time in your zone of genius. There’s also the possibility that this person will do it better than you ever could. Wouldn’t that be cool!

a. You can hire someone to assist you either virtually or in your office.
b. You can hire an intern, however, realize that you will have to spend time training that person. (My personal preference is to hire someone who's already an expert as that takes things off "my plate" even faster)
c. Make sure you delegate the activities you really don’t like doing

2) Create as many systems in your business as possible. The less times you have to create (or “touch”) something, the more time you will have for other things. I love to create templates and auto-responders for the work I do with both my private clients and members of my courses. I can use these over and over again.

3) While being busy taking care of everybody else (family, clients) make sure you’re taking time for yourself. When I was a flight attendant, we always used to say “put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping others”. You have to take care of yourself or you’ll have nothing left to give. Every day, make some special time for yourself. You need this. You deserve this.

I’ll bet that these ideas sound great, but the little voice inside of you is saying, “sure, that’s easier said than done”. I get that. You’re being pulled in lots of directions but there is a way to become congruent with this. Sometimes, it might even seem impossible to do. That’s when I use “tapping” with my clients to help them shift their mindset and become aligned. Amazing things happen.

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Kate Beeders is an internationally known Success Coach, specializing in helping heart-centered Entrepreneurs make more money FAST! She has developed a powerful technique called the Success Activator System TM which combines her 3 areas of expertise: Business Development, Tapping and Laws of Attraction. This system helps her clients have success on their own terms - becoming bigger, bolder and better! - they attract more clients, more opportunities, more money and develop more self-confidence. This technique helped Kate increase her own income to over 6-figures very quickly and helps her clients make more money quickly, too. Many have doubled their income in a very short time!

As a highly sought after Transformational Leader, Kate frequently speaks at large events. She was a featured presenter for the 2011 and 2012 Tapping World Summit, (with a total of over 825,000 listeners worldwide). Her radio show “Tapping to Success” features internationally known experts. Kate was recently acknowledged by a New York Times & Hay House best-selling author in her latest book about the Laws of Attraction. She was also featured on Boston's Top Radio Station "Exceptional Women" Radio Series.

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