Never mind this unarmed youth just came from a convenience store that he robbed. Never mind reports that this 300-pound youth reached into the police car and tried to grab the officer's gun. We don't really know the whole story, but the story seems lop-sided and makes the black population angry, inciting them to violence.

If the media don't report both sides, lawless elements of society take excuse to demonstrate [demon strate] and act out what is in them. The violence and looting is lawlessness that is begging to erupt in cities across our nation as youth with no father and no mother at home, were baby-sat with TV showing cartoons that glorify violence and cave-man mentality.

Sports like football are hyped where players crash into the other fellow and never mind if youth can't pass the reading test at school. Too often, “We'll get you through.” And that's without drugs. What do we do and how do we act with alcohol or marijuana?

There are numerous black people of character and concern who understand and are speaking out, but they are a minority and not given much mainstream voice. America as we knew it is rapidly passing as a police state becomes necessary to control the masses.

America's founders gave this nation a document so far above other nations that God blessed America to become the greatest country in the world in 200 years while “great nations” in Europe have had diminishing position and some are bordering on implosion.

The reason for our greatness was a Constitution and Bill of Rights that were documents of self-government, second only to the 10 Commandments with that focus. But it we will not accept the great principles of self-government and will not govern ourselves by them, we NEED BIG GOVERNMENT to enforce man's poor substitutes for God's law.

“The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” Psalm 19:7. How does it work? If we had to repay four sheep for one that we stole (Exodus 22:1), it would convert our souls. But in America, we give convicts free room, board, medical care and recreational facilities while tax-payers foot the bill.

And if I were to be executed for rape, it would convert my soul, but the guilty get the above treatment and early parole so they can do it again while we ban God's law from courtroom and classroom and are begging for the systems of Babylon (a confusion of special interest groups) to make things right. It will never happen.

The call out of such confusion (Revelation 18:2-4) is echoed by Christ: “When you see the abomination that makes desolate standing where it ought not, flee to the mountains.” Mark 13:14. Early believers understood his warning as it applied to the Roman army. They fled and were spared the siege by Titus who destroyed the city.

But do we get the message when we see militarized police “standing where they ought not”? Christians who say Christ is “Lord,” will need to make some difficult decisions in the coming year as America becomes lawless and martial law is declared. Not to do so will leave them vulnerable to a New World Order agenda and less able to comply with Christ's words that include salvation.

“Not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord,shall enter into the kingdom,” Matthew 7:21.
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