We are always talking to ourselves, telling ourselves stories. We interpret the events of our day-to-day lives through the stories we tell ourselves about the meanings of those events. The basic beliefs behind the stories you tell yourself may be holding you back, keeping you from manifesting the life you dream of and deserve. For example, if you believe that relationships are difficult, then when difficulties arise in your relationships, you tell yourself that is normal, and nothing better can be expected. If you believe that you have to do work you dislike or consider drudgery to make money to live, you tell yourself that your awful job is “just the way things are” and you can’t expect anything better.

But what if you could find a way to change reality? What if you started telling yourself that relationships can be satisfying and full of joy? What if you started really believing that you deserve to do work you love and to always be provided for? Could telling yourself a different story make your reality different?

The first step toward changing your reality is being okay with the place you’re in right now. Although that may sound contradictory, it is vital that you accept yourself just as you are; only then can you begin to manifest real changes in your reality. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, refusing to accept themselves as they are. Once you are at peace with who you are and where you are, you can begin to manifest changes. It will help you:

•Accept yourself just as you are
•Forgive yourself for your perceived shortcomings
•See challenges as the opportunities they are

As you work with this process, you will begin to feel a change; you will be more energetic and more positive. This is a clear sign that the process is working. You will find yourself responding to “problems” in a more positive and beneficial way. Your relationship to Spirit will become deeper and your relationship to yourself and others will be smoother and full of joy. One important thing you will realize is that you are never alone. As you begin to manage your energy using this process, you will:

•Know that you are never alone
•Begin to enjoy your relationships more fully
•Find more satisfaction in who you are and what you are doing

These changes can be called “Positive Evidences.” They are evidence, if you will, that the process is working, that you are manifesting more of what you truly want in your life. A closer connection with Spirit, peace with who you are and where you are and enhanced relationships with others are some of the Positive Evidences you will experience. And the process works in all areas of life; your work or business, extended family, your community. As you see these Positive Evidences happening in your own life, you become even more open to the greater good that you can manifest by remaining open to new possibilities.

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Sharon Wilson, founder of Coaching From Spirit, helps people learn how to coach themselves and business owners sync self-coaching with leading-edge business strategies. Sign up at http://bit.ly/RfOycg for Sharon’s free eBook: Empowered Manifestor Guidebook.