I’ve witnessed a lot of people look to medicine journeys (which I have deep respect for) as the be all - end all when it comes to transformation, hold it as the great and ultimate problem solver, clearer and the ultimate way.

I’ve also observed some of the same people, including facilitators, really have a hard time in the integration process, feeling extremely discombobulated and wonder how to ground the magic they saw in their transcendent visions but then how to bring that into every day relationship with the people that matter most to them - their partners.

Like my client Sheila and her husband Rob.

They participated in one ceremony after another for a couple of years, trying out different people to work with, but not having the grounded expertise to know what was needed to bring the magic into everyday life.

By the time they found out about me, they both were feeling very ungrounded, dysregulated and in anxious, everyday conflict.

They wondered how things had gone so awry.

They had meditated, done yoga, received mindset coaching, eaten green smoothies and made sacred intentions. Not only that, they had tried massage, mainstream therapy, tried neo tantra, movement practice, and all had failed, miserably.

They were at the end of their rope, ready to divorce and they had a 7 year old.

What I did that was different was help them to deeply transform their visions into a grounded, embodied in the here and now nervous system.

One by one, each vision, each insight, each spiritual a-ha - all good things, but ungrounded can create unsafe feeling chaos.

> Everything presenced in the body via sensation to start with.
> Integrated into the nervous system from the root of the body and up.
> Transforming the overwhelm from intense states into something manageable, one moment at a time.
> Letting that foundation rebalance the heart, voice, mind and intuition systems naturally.
> Restoring instincts, through a grounded nervous system, not as an idea or unanchored (however well-meaning) intention.
> Bringing embodied love into all those places.
> Rediscovering true identity and feeling a solid sense of self.
> And celebrating the magnificence of who you are spiritually but through a foundation of true embodiment, roots and the matrix inside to truly support and sustain it.

This was just to start honestly… but it made ALL the difference.

They realized after a couple of months working with me that all of this….HAD BEEN MISSING.

Not one of the teachers, shamans, etc. had any of these skills, and they had felt re-wounded and catapulted into distress, trauma and chaos because of it.

With me, they felt deeply grounded, clear, rooted, in control, balanced in heart and body, easy access to clear (not muddled or cloudy) intuition, at peace and ease, access to love whenever they needed it, residing in their true identity, and a high degree of self love they hadn’t had before.

For Sheila and Rob, their anxiety was replaced with ease, disintegration with integration, discombobulation with true presence and groundedness (utterly non conceptual), and the best part for them, such a deep level of embodiment of their visions with true somatic support that their relationship is reaching a new level of soul satisfaction that they’ve always wanted.

This is what it is to truly have a rock solid foundation and the peace that comes from that can feel like. And it’s needed all across communities all over the world who are doing this work.

This is exactly what I can do for you as an Intimacy Alchemist and the undeniable magic I create with my clients.

I have two spots open right now.

Email me at joanna@joannaintara.com if you are interested.

Author's Bio: 

My heart and soul are on fire with walking with couples and those on the relationship journey, very often soulmates, create sustainable and soul satisfying sex, love and closeness with my S.U.B.L.I.M.E. ™ process that blends profound intuition with simplicity, elegance and root trauma clearing technology to regenerate the real knots of the couples journey with ease and joy (yes, it can be delightful.)

Known as The Intimacy Alchemist, and Creator of Soul-Satisfying Love, Sex and Closeness', Joanna turns 30 years & 30,000 hours of counseling practice into a simple system that helps couples bring back the loving they enjoyed as newlyweds… in as little as 2-3 weeks! Combining Non-Linear Movement, The Intimacy & Attraction Workshop, Secure Attachment and extensive Trauma expertise, she offers sessions, workshops, and retreats supporting individuals and couples locally and worldwide.