A Disease Appears After you lack Weight

When I was 16 year old beauty, mostly I used to stay with my parents and a younger brother. I had a normal weight, but made me conscious about my weight as mostly I used to watch my figure in a long mirror in my bathroom. I used to watch the other ladies and compare their body with mine, but often remained perplexed, which one is better, I never knew. Often I could see my thighs touching each other making me think that I am a little heavy. So I began dieting, losing some weight and flesh from my thighs. I even decided to become vegetarian and leave many other diets that helped me maintain my weight loss.

But still I was not pleased by the proportion by which I lost my weight, most of the time I was just finding the excuses to lose weight, making me feel frustrated and affecting my studies and friends, making me a little lonely. My folks were worried about my weight loss at such a young age and urged me to eat, but I was adamant to lose weight, after about 7 months my body was reduced to skin and bones. I had become too skinny and could see the lines appearing on my folks forehead, both were worried.

My body looked weak, but still, I persisted in doing heavy exercises at the gym or school. Being so thin  my parents had to take me to a doctor and analyze me. I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa of restricting type. Many reasons were responsible for it, low food intake, heavy exercising and a consistent concern about the body weight were the signs that appeared in the diagnosis.

Many more symptoms also appeared like;

  • Abnormal blood counts
  • Bluish discoloration of the fingers
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Soft, downy hair covering the body
  • Absence of menstruation
  • Dry or yellowish skin
  • Intolerance of cold
  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Low blood pressure
  • Swelling of arms or legs
  • Eroded teeth and calluses on the knuckles from induced vomiting

My mom, being a nurse was more worried and she thought that I have a bad company, or was into drugs, but my blood test proved that I am not involved with drugs that she feared, but was constantly worried that I might get

  • Anemia
  • Heart problems, such as mitral valve prolapse, abnormal heart rhythms or heart failure, which can prove to be fatal.
  • Less (osteoporosis), enhancing fractures.
  • Loss of muscle power.
  • In females, a period might be missed.
  • Gastrointestinal problems, like constipation, bloating or nausea.
  • Electrolyte abnormalities, like low blood potassium, sodium and chloride.
  • Kidney troubles.

She knew that in medical fields this disease never existed, it was all genetic, psychological and environmental problem. Unless some one psychologically makes me understand that being thin is not a healthy sign, but causing many problems later, I had watched lots of models walking the ramp that had skinny bodies and I used to be a thick skin at that time, never listened to anybody, but my own self.

Finally, one of my cousin who lived in Ottawa, Canada, was called. She was too close to me and my mom had a full confidence that she, Nancy can make me realize the facts. After a few days she arrived and I went to receive her at the Airport with my dad. I was standing ahead of dad and she passed me without paying a look and hugged dad. “Didn't Sandra come along,” she asked. “You just passed her,” dad replied. Taking a U turn she looked at me in astonishment, “ what? What is this Sandra? You looked so beautiful earlier, why have you turned into a skeleton, come on babes, what's this, I never could believe my friend to become so skinny that she can't be recognized by me, your best friend cum cousin” she came running and hugged me, kissing me she continued “are you suffering from some disease or what, is there any thing that I can do to restore your health.” “Come on babe don't I look beautiful' I looked at her a little angrily.

She was mature enough to ask me to reach home and discuss all these health concerns there. “Hello Shakira auntie”, she greeted my mother, who was all smiles because she knew that I can never say no to Nancy. We had the dinner and I felt like lack of appetite and refused to eat the normal quantity, but Nancy insisted that I should eat the normal quantity, but I said, “sorry babes I can't eat the same quantity as I feel like vomiting.” That's the first sign of Anorexia Nervosa, a disease that can't be healed,.” she was quite determined.

Nancy came to my room and lied beside me on the bed adjoining my bed. “Why did you lose so much weight, are you taking drugs or something like that, if yes let me know I'll get you out of it without anybody knowing it,” she said. “No Nancy, it's not the drugs, but the slim appearance attracts more boys. Didn't you see all models walking the ramp are thin,” I replied. “They are the professionals, a person is not famous because of her physical appearance, but what nature she possesses. If it's good every body is attracted to it, if it's irritating every body............” she trailed off. “Why do you want to acquire a disease that you can't afford to cure, it can prove fatal for you and even I wouldn't live in a world that lacks you. You will be guilty of killing both of us,” Nancy said and began sobbing.

How i Got The Treatment?

“Come on babes tell me a remedy, but I have lost the hunger to eat nice & healthy diet, what shall I do?” I asked. “Don't worry, one of my friends also went same crazy way  in Canada & I found the cure,” she instructed. Let me use the net and will guide you, she clicked on the web site Planet Ayurveda and dialed their what's app number,(+91-9915593604) “Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?” a lady asked.

“Hello ma'am, one of my cousins has got infected by a disease called Anorexia Nervosa and she has lost her 1/3rd  weight and is now not able to have the food, but feels like...” The lady on the other side snubbed in “Like vomiting, isn't it?”  “Yep, ma'am” Nancy replied feeling amused. The lady said, “You can watch our you tube videos of our company and will know that we have a cure for every disease, OK?” “Thanks ma'am, any particular procedure?” Nancy said. “Can't she come on the line as she has to follow a strict pattern of remedies, if she needs a cure, “ the lady asked.

“No ma'am, she is a little shy, but you can tell me every remedy and I'll make sure that she follows you precisely.” Nancy assured her.
“First of all let me have the slip that confirmed the Anorexia Nervosa, send it on this number and wait for my call, I'll call you in a few hours, is it fine with you?” We kept on chatting about anything & everything that has happened in the USA & Canada in the last 12 months, the last time we met. All of a sudden her phone rang, she picked up immediately and said “Hello, who is it?”

Recommended Diet and Treatment

“This is Planet Ayurveda and we have analyzed your report and the first thing you need to do is bring Chitrakadi Vati,  Sanjivini Vati, Hakam churna and Digestion Support to make her feel hungry and solve her digestive problems. You can get it from our distributor in Fresno, California.

Also add these foods in her diet like breads, cereals, starches; total protein and two protein subgroups (animal, vegetable); casseroles and mixed entrees; fruits; vegetables, yogurt and cheese; desserts and sweet snacks; savory snacks; added fats; added sugars; miscellaneous foods; and caloric beverages and see her repercussions, OK? .'' She continued “ ask her to eat in small quantities first, gradually she can keep increasing her dietary amount, OK, ask your friend to get well soon, bye.” After a week, she showed a little improvement, she also became more bubbly by nature. She thanked me and Planet Ayurveda and I replied,” A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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I champion initiatives that build a culture supporting Diversity and Inclusion and teamwork. My background is in Online Advertising and made the switch to the fascinating Localization Industry in 2018, where I hear, one never leaves.