Ever since the digitization came into the picture, the integration of new technological advancements in the businesses has substantially rose. Though, various organizations are gaining benefits from such upgradations yet, many are still striving to attain a successful stature. Markets are filled with various IT solution providers, but only few proved to be trustworthy and reliable to dwell on.

Meet ViBiCloud—a IT service company, that offers impeccable Cloud Computing solutions to businesses to help them run well and bloom with time. It is the single Cloud Service Provider in Indonesia which uses Microsoft Azure Platform. It’s more than just a company rather it is a set of future tech plan, values to serves, positive attributes and powerful brands that beautifully reflects the spirit of the company.

Driven by the passion to help business simplify and strengthen their works, it believes in its core values which guides customers’ business and deliver the best solutions. CIO LOOK appreciates such organization’s contribution and feels pride in featuring ViBiCloud in its special edition, “Companies Leading the Cloud Technology Revolution, 2019.”

Below is its story:

ViBiCloud is an IT service company which is driven by the passion to help businesses to simplify and strengthen their works. As a Cloud Solution Provider in Indonesia, it reinforce its passion and commitment in providing end-to-end solutions and whole services in the purpose of making the business work efficient and have great growth. The company exploit the agility of cloud services, ensure business continuity with BCDR services, managed cloud services, managed security services, and everything as a service.

ViBiCloud was founded in 2014, and has doubled its clients growth every year. In 2017, it got 25 Most Promising CSP from APAC CIO Outlook and launched hybrid cloud using Microsoft technology, Azure Stack. With a great strategy, it can achieve 1375% growth public cloud and became 2019 Microsoft Country Partner of The Year in Indonesia.

Its management change the focus in ViBiCloud from Cloud Service Provider to Cloud Solution Provider. And, helps customers using agile method, so not just give a lift and shift or hit and run business model rather it creates and offers CLOUD ECONOMIC JOURNEY MODEL. It help its customer based on how it can bring the business impact to them. It does assessment, discussion, join planning session, and create the IT blueprint together.

Being a leading Cloud Solution Provider in Indonesia, it has so many experiences in various industries especially in Financial Industries. Together with Microsoft and HPE Pointnext, it delivers an “end to end solutions”. At ViBiCloud, the team has an expertise not just in Cloud, but also have an expertise in network. Also it has a dedicated team for helping customers who need legal and security consultation to make sure the solution is secure and comply with regulations. With such experiences, the company believes with its solution it can help so many industries to comply with the Government Regulation No.82 and expand their business in Indonesia.

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