Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises also known as cardiovascular exercises are low intensity physical exercises that works on your heart, lungs and muscles along with intake of oxygen. The main aims of these exercises are to utilize oxygen efficiently by the body. Whatever movement our body does, the heart pumps blood and oxygen to deliver it to muscles to keep your movements. When you move or exercise it become a little bit difficult to breathe as we breathe in normal state, this is due to heart that works during your body movement. Aerobic exercises involve the working of heart, lungs and muscles functioning together and hence it is able to fully utilize the oxygen giving energy to the body. As the heart pumps more blood there is more breakdown of the nutrients and is utilized by the body and that gives you the energy for more muscle workouts. Aerobic exercises are very beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular system, the main system of the body. Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Running, cycling all these are some examples o aerobic exercises.

Whenever each heart pump, it circulates blood , oxygen and all the nutrients required by the body to each and every cell. Aerobic exercises makes heart to propery use oxygen so that there is an effecient flow of energy to the body. Oxygen is used for breakdown of nutrients in the body hence its proper circulation is very necessary. If the consumption of the oxygen is more we can utilize energy well, stay fir and can increase our life expectancy too.

Some Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercies can be done both indoor and outdoor. There are various ways of doing aerobic exercises. Some of aerobic exercises are-

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises to the Body

Aerobic means related to oxygen and oxygen is the vital part of the body, hence aerobic exercises are very effective way to be fit and healthy physically and mentally. There are numerous benefits of aerobic exercises-

  • Cardiovascular fitness is the main benefit that these exercies gives. Exercising makes our heart and lungs strong and makes them work effeciently. More we do cardio exercises more fit we are.
  • Muscles becomes strong
  • There is more consumption of oxygen and nutrients
  • Improves blood circulation in the body
  • No of Red Blood cells increases
  • It lowers the risk of Diabetes
  • Keeps body fit and toned by burning the fat of the body
  • Keeps mind and body fit. It relieves from stress and depressions
  • Improves the endurance of the body
  • Helps in proper excretion of the sweat as a result toxins are flushed out from the body
  • It makes our heart work efficiently hence lowering the risk of heart diseases
  • Improves breathing capacity and oxygen intake of lungs
  • Helps in chronic diseases

Along with exercises there should be proper intake of nutritional diet also. The food we take is also an important factor for exercising and for healthy body. Consumes fruits and vegetables and other nutritious food sources for good health.

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