Drupal (derived from Dutch world ‘druppel’ which means water droplet) is now amongst the buzz words in the IT Content Management Scene.

Initially launched in 2001, it has a huge following in the world today. Easy Installation and Usage, Cool new features to customize your web content, and search engine friendly, it has earned an enormous respect in the IT development community and Enterprises all over the globe.

Why should you choose Drupal over other CMS? Here are the top five reasons why -

1. Ease of development – You need not be an ace website designer or hardcore PHP developer to manage content on the web. Drupal is fully customizable, very intuitive and can be broken down to simple modules. You can design the information flow very easily with simple building blocks that Drupal provides.

2. Backup of an OpenSource developer community – It has a large pool of Drupal developers who ensure it is robust, bug free and also an active forum where customers/users and developers can discuss various issues and arrive at solutions.

3. Cost Effective – Drupal does not charge any license fee for its software. Apart from the hourly rate for in house developers/contractors that you may employ, there are no hidden charges.

4. Rapid Build Time – Depending on your website and how you plan to use it; Be it social networking or educational institute or a new business venture for online shopping, Drupal is by far the best CMS that helps you shave off man hours during the development and maintenance phases.

5. Dynamic web changes- The websites once designed, can easily be changed on the fly by modifying the modules. This is the most important advantage that ensures a robust and vibrant website.

The White House, NASA, Greenpeace, AOL, Harvard, MIT have all chosen Drupal CMS to build their websites – An impressive track record indeed! But the list does not end here. At present there are roughly over 7 million websites in the world using Drupal, covering the entire range of possible enterprises – Educational, Online shopping, Government, Universities, Entertainment, Media, IT companies and Celebrity websites.

Moreover, moving over to Drupal or launching your website for the first time using Drupal, has the advantage that you are not tied to one software company. There are a large number of freelancing developers and companies that can take over the Content Management project, if the original development company is no longer functioning.

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