December in many countries centers around the spirit of giving. Even companies and individuals with no religious affiliation make special contributions during “the season”:

–Year end employee bonuses
–Meals for the unfed
–Shelters for the homeless
–Extra tips for servers at restaurants
–Special gratuities for your newsletter delivery person

How you react to the gifts that come your way is very important.

Just imagine that you are enjoying your annual family holiday party. After a calorie-packed dinner, you and your relatives start unwrapping gifts. At first, you feel very satisfied.

But then you look at what somebody else got. His sport coat or her dress looks more expensive and stylish than yours. Suddenly, instead of feeling thankful your mood turns to envy.

What if you dared express your reduced appreciation? What if you complained about the perceived inequity?

Not only would your ingratitude ruin the festive occasion for others, probably you wouldn’t even want to use the gift others had given you.

Let’s make a constructive comparison. . .one that will help you and me plenty in 2018.

I’ll make my own admission.

Every day I look around and see dozens of talented people who got wonderful gifts I missed out on:

–Singing on key
–Hitting a golf ball 300 yards and shooting par golf
–Writing fiction (or even understanding fiction others wrote)
Learning science easily
–Understanding economics
–Repairing electrical or mechanical equipment
–Drawing or painting

OK, what happens if I allow envious thoughts to control me? It’s very likely I will use a huge amount of energy coveting what “they” got. As a result, I will not make maximum use of the talents nature gave me.

So for 2018, pay little attention to the abilities others got. Focus on what you have–and how you will develop your innate strengths to guarantee both professional and personal success.

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