Have you ever considered a year without arguments? In these times of economic chaos, it is more important than ever to minimize your fighting and disagreements, and create a more harmonious relationship with your spouse and family. Couples simply cannot afford to divorce as easily during a recession, but with some new intentions and techniques, a failing marriage can be salvaged and healed.

The first step to a year without arguments is to look at your cycle of arguments. We usually fight repeatedly about different things, yet end up saying the same hurtful remarks that only lead to anger and resentment. Nothing gets resolved. Why is that? It’s because you think you’re fighting about chores, when you’re really fighting about feeling unimportant or misunderstood. Since you don’t understand what you’re really fighting about, it’s hard to resolve anything!

How do you find out what you’re really arguing about? By looking at your very first argument or relationship disappointment, which is the beginning of the argument cycle.
Then, by uncovering the core issue of your first argument using the First Argument Technique™, you’ll see that the roots of the argument are in your childhood, and it’s the underlying reason for all the fights that follow, no matter what the fight is about. This revelation brings clarity and understanding as to why your arguments never get resolved. Whenever your core childhood issue gets triggered, you want to fight, because you’ve been hurt just like when you were a child.

To stop fighting and start healing, use the First Argument Technique, a proven three-step process that can resolve years of conflict into understanding, which leads to hope, resolution, and love:

1. PEEL. Peel away the topic of the conflict to locate your personal history that makes you react so strongly – the “story-below-the-story.”

2. REVEAL. Once you reveal the original story of your childhood, you begin to have a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, and the blame game.

3. HEAL. By communicating you r story to your partner, the anger will turn into understanding and empathy. It’s then you can negotiate a solution and immediately heal any discord between the two of you.

Work together with your partner and make a resolution to change your destructive fighting, which causes pain, confusion, and break-ups to constructive fighting using the First Argument Technique. Constructive fighting actually strengthens your relationship because there is a system and a purpose behind it. This proven three-step process uses your first argument as the road map that reveals the course to take for a healthy relationship. Start this process NOW and make this a year of no arguments!

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If all attempts to resolve your life and relationship issues have failed, Sharon Rivkin is your "last-ditch effort" therapist. She specializes at getting to the root of problems quickly, with tools for immediate change and resolution.

All hope is never lost when it comes to therapy with Sharon. She is a relationship expert, and conflict resolution and affairs specialist, who has helped hundreds of individuals and couples resolve their relationship problems quickly and effectively, without having to drudge up years and years of issues that can take months and years to get through before any progress is made. After over 29 years of counseling experience, Sharon will get to the root of what’s going on, with tools to implement immediate change. http://www.sharonrivkin.com