Tired of being indecisive?

I worked with a client recently that had prospective clients asking her to create long term programs because they really wanted to work with her in that way. She had been sitting on this issue for a month when we first met. She was afraid the offering and pricing wouldn’t be right so she kept it on hold. Meanwhile, these people were emailing her trying to get more information. She kept putting them off.

I see so many entreprenuers get stuck and not get into action because they are looking for the “perfect” way to do something. Once I was able to help her clear through some of her mindset blocks (that was she was doing was wrong) she created her first 3 month program and got 2 clients that very first week.

Do you ever get stuck in this phase of planning things for your business?

- Wonder if it should be 3 or 5 times…
- If the investment should be $797 or $997…
- What the name should be…
- Not sure what the bonus should be…
- Indecisive what color it should be…
- Can’t decide what it should include…

When you don’t have the answer, it’s easy to stay stuck and not complete that program, course, webpage, blog or any of your projects. That indecision can take over and leave you in a place of procrastination.

I get it. You want to do it right. You want it to be perfect. You want to do it that way the first time around so you'll get the best results.

If only that was the way it worked.

The truth is that growing your business is a process. There is a lot of trial and error. What may work well for one person may not work well for you.
I see a lot of entrepreneurs not taking action because they’re not sure of what the right thing to do is.

One of my missions this year is to help you get into action.

Really and truly, it doesn’t matter if it’s 3 or 5 times. It doesn’t matter if it’s $797 or $997? Especially, this doesn’t matter in the beginning as you’re just beginning to grow your business. The most important thing is to get out there and take action.

If you make a mistake, you can course correct. That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur. You can change whatever you don’t like. However, if you stay in that place of “deciding” you won’t be taking action. You won’t be getting new clients or customers.

Today, make one decision that you’ve been holding off on.

Now move forward. It is the right decision for you today.

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Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders
Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert
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Kate Beeders is an internationally known Success Coach, specializing in helping heart-centered Entrepreneurs make more money FAST! She has developed a powerful technique called the Success Activator System TM which combines her 3 areas of expertise: Business Development, Tapping and Laws of Attraction. This system helps her clients have success on their own terms - becoming bigger, bolder and better! - they attract more clients, more opportunities, more money and develop more self-confidence. This technique helped Kate increase her own income to over 6-figures very quickly and helps her clients make more money quickly, too. Many have doubled their income in a very short time!

As a highly sought after Transformational Leader, Kate frequently speaks at large events. She was a featured presenter for the 2011 and 2012 Tapping World Summit, (with a total of over 825,000 listeners worldwide). Her radio show “Tapping to Success” features internationally known experts. Kate was recently acknowledged by a New York Times & Hay House best-selling author in her latest book about the Laws of Attraction. She was also featured on Boston's Top Radio Station "Exceptional Women" Radio Series. Kate has been chosen to be a contributing author in Brian Tracy’s upcoming book “Winning Ways”.

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