Usually we think of a green smoothie recipe as just a recipe . . . nothing more. It’s good for our health, but that’s about where the impact stops.

Not so with the Green Machine smoothie. . .

Because this green smoothie recipe didn’t just liven up some cells on the inside . . . it brought together hundreds of people on the outside, too.

Armed With Blenders, Spreading Good Nutrition

Toting blenders from home, cases of frozen fruit, boxes of chlorella granules and one super green smoothie recipe, close to 50 volunteers from Sun Chlorella USA volunteered for a day at Los Angeles’ Midnight Mission. They were eager to share chlorella’s green goodness and their enthusiasm for healthy living with the shelter’s homeless men, women and children.

At first the diners at the Mission were a little apprehensive about trying it. “It’s green!” they pointed out, eyeing the glass warily.

But once the word got out about how delicious it was, it didn’t take long for the Green Machine smoothie to start flying off the Midnight Mission’s serving line. As the delighted smoothie slurpers discovered, this green smoothie recipe (see below) can convert even the toughest skeptic.

A veritable Green Machine of enthusiastic energy, the volunteers helped serve and clean-up for both lunch and dinner, serving an estimated 1500 people at each meal. As a special contribution using ingredients donated by the company, volunteers set up a smoothie station on the lunch line. There, they whizzed up hundreds of servings of Green Machine smoothies and handed them out along with chlorella tablet sample packs.

Building Healthy Lives On A Strong Foundation

When I first visited the Midnight Mission, I was so impressed. By offering much-needed guidance in life skills and comprehensive services, they’re helping people turn their life around. First opened in 1914, the Midnight Mission is one of the oldest continuously running human services organizations in the Los Angeles area. In addition to providing emergency meals, the Mission also runs a residency program to help homeless individuals battle addiction and get on a path towards self-sufficiency.

This approach to helping people build strong lives was evident in the people we met while volunteering there. The shelter’s residents weren’t just interested in the chlorella we brought along, they were simply intent on learning anything they could about health.

But the shelter residents weren’t the only ones gaining from this experience . . . As the Green Machine of Sun Chlorella volunteers discovered, volunteering goes both ways . . .

How Volunteering Recharged The Green Machine

The volunteers hailed from all departments and included many friends and family members of Sun Chlorella employees. Futoshi Nakayama, President and CEO; and Jennifer Jimenez, Associate Director, pitched in. Kengo Nishimura, in charge of corporate responsibility from Sun Chlorella Corporation in Japan, also joined us.

As we discovered by working side by side with fellow employees we rarely saw in the office, volunteering together gave us a chance to get to know each other better. And consequently, helped us grow closer as a company.

Many Sun Chlorella employees remarked afterwards how much it meant to them to be part of a company that contributes like this. Several said that this was the first time they’d experienced this in the workplace. At Sun Chlorella USA, investing in our larger community is an integral part of who we are as a company. We understand that when we help our neighbors, we all end up better off.

Ultimately, it wasn’t only the Midnight Mission clients who gained in this experience.

And given the ways we were nourished by this experience as a company . . . given how the Midnight Mission’s work to enable people to enjoy full, healthy lives melds perfectly with Sun Chlorella’s mission . . . we’ve made a firm commitment to continue to support the Midnight Mission in multiple ways into the future.

The Green Machine Smoothie Recipe!

Ready to make your own Green Machine green smoothie?

In a blender, puree frozen mango, pineapple, ice and orange juice. Add 1 packet of Sun Chlorella granules per serving.

Voila! You’ve got a green machine to power up your day!

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About Rose Straub

Rose Straub is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Chlorella USA. Rose lives with her husband, Pat, in California and is both a proud mom and grandmother.

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