WhatsApp is now a social network of cell phones that is used a lot especially by teenagers who use it not only because you can communicate with friends and family but also can be used to send voice messages, texts, even video, images, etc.

If you need to send messages of love from a distant or you need contents for your social media status, here is a collection of love status for whatsapp , Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The phrases always help us when we do not have the right words to express what we feel.

 You're the first thing I think about when I wake up and you're the last thing I remember when I sleep.

 You are the reason life seems beautiful to me.

 When I am with you I do not need anything else, next to you I feel that I have everything.

 Only you know me more than anyone.

 You are like a star, shine and color my nights.

 Every beat of my heart sounds better if you are with me.

 My eyes reveal what I feel for you and the accelerated beating of my heart confirms it.

 I hated the word "I love you" until I met you.

 You do not deserve the penalty you deserve all my whole life.

Love WhatsApp Status
• The distance prevents kissing us but not stop loving us.

• The only defect you have is not to wake up with me.

• Love is not something that is sought or found. It is something that is earned and must be valued.

• You are like my favorite song in English. I can not understand you but I like you.

• Love is a madness that only crazy lovers know.

• I do not want you for a life but for a lifetime.

• God is so wise that for every madman I believe there is a madwoman.

• You are the missing part of my heart.

• I hate the distance between the two but I love when you kiss me because you missed me.

• I know you love me even if you want to deny it.

• I'm still waiting for the day when you stop looking at me and start kissing me.

• You are the beauty of my life and that is why I love you.

• It is strange how I carry you in my heart even though I am far away.

• It's hard to explain how great the emotion I feel when you say "I love you".

• Knowing you has been the greatest privilege.

• Loving you has been the greatest of pleasures.

• My love, you are everything to me.

• You are the light I needed in my life.

• Today I just want to love you and nothing else.

• The distance will never make you forget.

• To have you here is like a dream I do not want to wake up from.

• There are only two words that if you say them you change everything and those words are: I love you.

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