(An Interview with the Money Master.)

Gary: Everybody wants more money, right???

Money Master : Not everyone, only those people who experience a sense of lack or limitation around money want more of it. If you knew you could create the money you needed, when you needed it, why would you ever "want" for it? Want indicates lack. You never "want" for something when you know you have an unlimited supply of it, right?

Gary: Hmm! I never thought about it that way before. Here is another question for you. What causes this sense of lack or limitation people, often times, have around money?

Money Master: Wrong attitudes about money, wrong attitudes about what it means to be rich. Wrong attitudes about what it takes to create wealth. Wrong attitudes about living a prosperous life. A whole lot of wrong attitudes, around money, cause people to go nuts over it. They fight, kill, sue, gamble and quarrel over it. Would people ever have a need to do any of those things if they knew there was plenty of money to go around for everyone?

Gary: There is???

Money Master: You bet there is. If you can't see this is so, it is because your attitudes of lack and limitation are preventing you seeing the truth about money. Money flows like a river and you are either in the river enjoying what money can do for you or you are on the banks of the river watching other people enjoy the benefits and perks of being part of the money flow. In fact, when people subscribe to my inspirational newsletter about money, they receive four back issues and that includes the article titled: Prospering in Economic Hard Times. This article explains, with great power and clarity, why there is plenty of money for everyone.

Gary: Another question for you, what is your definition of being rich?

Money Master: As I discussed in a previous interview, being rich means you are able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Being rich doesn't necessarily mean that you have a million dollars in the bank and you could have that amount of money in your account and more. Being rich means you are no longer held in captivity to your own thoughts of lack and limitation. Being rich means you are no longer held hostage by money because you know true financial security comes from within and not without. Being rich means you have trained yourself for wealth and see everything, in your life, coming from the point of view of abundance and prosperity rather than lack and limitation.

Gary: You have lots of interesting attitudes about money, who are you?

Money Master: I have been called everything from a modern day Zorro to the Money Master. My real name is Frederick Zappone and I am the author and publisher of the CFF Weekly Inspirational Newsletter About Money.

© 2003 Frederick Zappone

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Frederick Zappone is a former VP of an international corporation. He resigned his postion in 1998 to publish and write inspirational newsletter about money related matter. If you wish, you may read a complimentary, online issue of his CFF Weekly Inspirational Newsletter About Money by visiting his web site. His URL address is: http://frederickzappone.com/cffprosperitynewsletter.html