Can you imagine that female ability to have orgasm is an inherited skill? Sounds pretty weird right, but don't hurry to start laughing, because it is not a joke, but a scientifically proved fact.

Such unexpected news is the results of the researches made by the scientists from different countries, who tried to found out the impact of genes on the frequency of female orgasm.

For the study of such delicate topic were chosen hundreds of female-twins. They had to give the answer to the simple question 'What is the best way for you to have orgasm?' The variants they could choose between were the following: 1) during the intercourse with my sexual partner, 1) during masturbation, 3) using other sex methods like (oral sex, anal sex, and group sex), 4) using different sex toys (dildos,vibrators, etc.)

The results turned out to be more than just surprising or unexpected. After analyzing all the results the following conclusions were made. The influence of genes on the ability to have orgasm during traditional sex (actual intercourse with partner) makes around 31%. DNA influence on non traditional sex orgasm and on orgasm achieved with the help of sex toys proved to make around 37%. While the highest rate of DNA influence on orgasm belongs to masturbation. In 51% of masturbation cases orgasm depends on genetics that means that your ability to climax during masturbation is defined by your DNA code, in other words, it is inherited.

The most curious thing is that the scientists who made this discovery don’t really know how to apply all the information they have gathered during the research. They still didn’t find the way how to put such valuable results to use.

English scientist Tim Specter affirms that the mechanism of the orgasm does include genetic component, which makes from 34 up to 45 percent. He belongs to the group of scientists who support that theory, trying to corroborate it with as much research data basis as possible. Of course there are many other scientists who are very skeptical concerning the research and results of it. But what they question more are the results and the accuracy of the data, not the idea of the genetic influence on the ability to have orgasm.

For quite a long time female orgasm has been a subject of many different researches and investigations. As the result of all these examination, a lot of interesting, helpful and sometimes even amusing facts were discovered. The plausibility of many of them was questioned at first too, some still remain plausible. Therefore it is hard to guess the future of this very research.

So, all that is left for modern genetic medicine to find out seems not a big deal. The scientists need to discover a particular gene or genes, which are in charge for our ability to climax. Just picture yourself what such discovery can lead to. Genetic medicine can finally make all women all over the world happy! How long do we have to wait? Well, not that much I guess, about 10 years maybe..

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Lena Laursen, a sexologist, author, relationship educator, advice columnist and psychologist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Arizona. In addition to her original qualification, is also experienced in its psychotherapeutic aspects.

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