As everyone who’s on the path of spiritual growth knows, from time to time you will be tested to see if you are really serious about your spiritual journey and if your resolve is strong enough to give you more and more gifts from above. So, will life be just smooth sailing on calm seas? No, there will be moments of fear and doubt, as you will be tested to see whether the intention to fulfill your mission is for real. But you are not left alone on this journey.

Your mission will take more than one day to conclude, even more than one year. It is your life work, steadily unfolding as you progress on your path. It’s quite normal that you are in need of assistance on this journey. This can be received from friends, family members, professional counselors, training courses, education programs, effective aid, contacts, books, …

You are not supposed to complete your mission entirely on your own. Your mission is connected to the mission of the people around you. Each of them also has their mission, and part of it may well be to assist you! Ask for help, and don’t carry the false belief that you need to do this on your own.

Do not let this happen. Remember that you are a social being living in a social context, able to help others and receive help from others. Everybody else is here with a specific purpose. Part of that purpose it to help you! Without other people receiving your help, your mission would be meaningless. In the same way, your needs give meaning to the mission of others. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it!

You are not alone in this world, and you are not on your own when it comes to fulfilling your mission. You have fellow travelers, both seen and unseen. The latter kind can be contacted in your dreamtime. It is not uncommon for them to help you along using certain coincidences.

You can spontaneously have dreams about your mission, but you can also actively request guidance through your dreams. When you are in doubt about whether a certain action is appropriate, when you are wondering what direction to follow, you can ask for more clarity through a dream. You will receive feedback.

If you ask for guidance through a dream, write down your question in the form of a positive statement. For instance : I will accept that new job; I will move to that other country, I will end my relationship with…. Make sure the formulation of your statement is positive. Then put the paper with your statement under your pillow, make a prayer or take some time for meditation and wait for your dream.

When you are having dreams about success, happiness, passing an exam, being on time, winning, being trusted or any other pleasant circumstance, then you dream is only confirming that you are on the right track. However, when you are having dreams about disaster, being late, forgetting something, losing something, drowning, having an accident, falling or any other unpleasant circumstance, then your dream is warning you that you are not on the right track.

During daytime, it happens that you are guided in mysterious ways while pursuing your mission: a book falls open right on that page that provides you with an answer to your problem; you are encouraged to head on by a random utterance of a friend or a stranger, or even a poster or a commercial; you come across a TV program dealing with the topic you yourself are also dealing with, giving you some missing information; you get a phone call from someone who – without knowing it – is helping you on your way; you happen to overhear a conversation between strangers discussing the very issue you are having,…
The Swiss psychiatrist Jung called this phenomenon synchronicity.

Once you have decided to fulfill your mission and make this the most important business of your life, then all kinds of unexpected events will unfold in order to clear the boulders from your path and help you make the next step.

When you take your mission seriously and are making an effort to implement it, then the Universe will assist you to reach your goal. For every step you make in the direction of your life goal, the Universe is making a step in your direction. That way you only need to cover half the distance!
You feel like you are being carried and stimulated to keep on going in the direction of your life goal.

As the saying goes: Help yourself, so help you God.

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