Wow it is happening again!

I am a very outgoing person but must live in the clouds as others would say.

I notice that individuals in the “Self Improvement” field are also in a box but I guess that is why our journey is a process never to be perfected. Yet we are all perfect!

Did you ever want to simplify your life? This is what I always wanted to do and I found a simple easy way to do just that. By having fun simply by affirming my self with Positive Affirmations / Mantras, constantly.

It only takes 21 days of recording your old tapes. What are old tapes = your SUBCONCIOUS.

The big thing in Self Improvement right now is our Subconscious. Why? Just record over it.

Just as you might have an old cassette or cd that you just do not like anymore. What do you do: you record over it with something you do like or you simply stop listening to what you no longer like.

Honestly! Rerecording over your negative, self defeating thoughts is just as simple!
Not listening is also just as simple!

Replace your “Old Tapes” Now.

Here try this Affirmation / Mantra: I AM MAGNIFICENT! SAY IT TO YOURSELF ALL DAY LONG!! Yes over and over in your head even while talking with someone.


P.S. – “How to Live From Within, a 21 day guide to reach your inner self” is finished and available at

P.S.S. – “How to Live From Within, a 21 day guide to reach your inner self”, that supplies you new tools or equipment to record over your self defeating thoughts with Affirmations / Mantras

P.S.S.S - (I like P.S's – they are fun) When you register with Live From Within you will receive free weekly Affirmations / Mantras – so start having some fun Now!

Start having FUN again, Please!

Carrie Sokalski / Owner of Live From Within and Author of “How to Live From Within” - coming soon - google name now for video's

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Carrie, as an Author, Artist, Speaker and workshop facilitator is the founder of Live From Within. Live From Within is a means by which Carrie uses her many years of experience as an Energy Coach and Healing Practitioner to assist others in finding their internal truth while helping them recognize the inner powers that have always existed.

Carrie has completed a 21 day, personal development, home study, manual titled "How to Live From Within, a 21 day guide to reach your inner self".
Live from within is an educational website that helps others to unleash their true potential. Live From Within members know that having a personal relationship with themselves is first and foremost. By becoming a member of Live From Within you will learn the only universal truth that stands on its own. Without this TRUTH the Universe simply would not exist. So RIGHT NOW! Because NOW is all we have! I am offering you FREE tools to go deeper within yourself and thrive in this lifetime. Please visit: to register and start receiving your FREE weekly tools called: “Affirmations/Mantras”.

Carrie resides in the mountainous backdrop of Colorado with her husband and four pets. She discovered her Universal Flow in that peaceful setting.

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