I have a question to ask you that could very well change how you choose to do things from now on.

In my experience, more people fall short of their potential because of their answer to this question than to most other questions you can think of asking.

Ok, so my question simply is this:

“Would you rather be RIGHT…or be RICH!”

Most people won’t even hesitate before they say, “to be rich.”

The few that say , “to be right” are probably thinking they wouldn’t trade their integrity for cash.

Good for you!

That’s not what we’re talking about here, though.

What I’m REALLY asking you is: why do you care so much about what others think that you’re willing to let it keep you from your own success?

Years ago, before I even had decided to create my own home based business, I was working for a multi-millionaire and he’d often let me email his subscriber list.

I always proofread and double-checked the email before sending it out. Well, one day, I sent out an email that had a mistake in it.

Less than an hour later, a subscriber wrote in and said, “that was terrible…you should fire whoever was in charge of proofreading
your email.”

I chuckled at first when I read it, but then my laughter disappeared.

“How dare this man suggest such a thing. What if I had a different boss and I DID get fired because of his comment? And what if I had a wife and children to feed?”

I know of a marketer that purposefully puts typos and broken grammar in his newsletters and he’s making a ton of money helping people succeed.

I know multi-millionaires that go to seminars in shorts and when they comb their hair it’s a big deal.

I bet that Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Bloomberg are all more concerned with getting things done than they are with social consensus.

Me? I’m going with what THEY say and do.

I ask you “Would you rather be RIGHT…or be RICH” because a lot of times we’re so afraid of looking foolish that we don’t “go for the gold.”

One of the challenges people face when building an online business is how they deal with newsletter unsubscribes.

Your first few unsubscribes feel like daggers in your gut.

What did I do wrong? Why do they hate me? I must suck!

No, you sent out an email and some of your list unsubscribed.

Get over yourself. It’s a part of life - not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to appreciate your message.

The most important takeaway I’d like you to get from what I’m saying is about “being apologetic”.

Many of us (myself included), disguise being apologetic through the facade of politeness.

Stop being apologetic and start asserting your WILL in your life. Let yourself be KNOWN.

How many people come and go faceless on teleseminar calls? When I do a teleseminar for YOU, and ask you to introduce yourself and say something interesting that happened to you today, “Rise Up and Be Heard.”

I don’t care if you say, “blah blah blippity boom-bah!.” It sure beats just sitting there as a silent observer in your life.

ENGAGE life, mix it up, and see what ***t sticks.

I PROMISE YOU: it is a lot more fun to Be Rich, than to be Right!

I beleive in you. (yes that’s a typo - bring it on, typo guy : )

I KNOW you can have more wealth and success in your life. And I’m willing to look foolish to help you get there.

Have a POWERFUL Day.

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