My two trips to Africa were not only a cultural shock but also the scope of disease and death that I witnessed was hard to talk about when I returned home. If people did not have AIDS then they had cancer. As I walked through the Masaba Hospital in Niarobi, Kenya and looked in the eyes of the dying many things came to my mind. I realized how blessed I am to be from the United States despite things here that are not perfect. These people were those I had only heard about or had seen on the news but suddenly I was face to face witnessing the AIDS epidemic firsthand and it was not pretty.

I remember standing in the hallway talking to a British scientist when a woman approached us with her one year old baby daughter in her arms and asked us if we could please help her baby. Her child had AIDS and this was probably the hardest part of my research work and training there.

I was in the very place where death of Biblical proportion was happening right before me. This was also the place where I saw for the first time a patient with AIDS get up and walk out of the hospital free of the disease. Since I returned home from Africa in 1997, I have witnessed other treatments that have proven to be effective against AIDS, Cancer, and Hepatitus C. In 2002, I sent a medical team to another African country to demonstrate a botanical medicine via I.V. and eleven people out of eleven were free of AIDS in 24 hours after one I.V treatment.

The problem is the politics of medicine. The United Nations said that they would fund no treatment for AIDS in Africa unless it goes through pharmaceutical companies. So here we are, nearly two years later, and not one person has been treated with this medicine since our team returned. During our first trip to Africa, ozone was used to treat patients and did so very well. The patient was hooked up to a machine that worked like kidney dialysis pumping blood out of one arm and going through a clear tube where ozone was introduced and returned to the person. The treatment lasted for about 45 minutes. This would have to be repeated about 5 to 7 times. The next time I saw good results for treating AIDS was a botanical extract in an I.V. drip that worked with astonishing results.

Those of us who are involved in the alternative medical business have a duty to do what we can when we can to help those who cross our paths. The only thing that any of us should do is the right thing.

I was trained in emergency trauma nearly 30 years ago and as I began to look at alternative medicine in 1992, each day seemed to bring forth something new. My grandfather died in 1986 of a brain tumor. The doctors said that it was embedded in the side of his brain but they would get what they could through radiation and chemotherapy. That was the most horrific thing that he went through finally dying and ending his misery. He had never been sick before that. Had I known then what I know now, he would be alive and well today.

It is no mystery that the body can heal itself with the proper support and there are so many new ways and interesting things coming forth in the field of alternative medicine. AMCAM is poised to make these new methods of curing disease available and to show practitioners what is working all over the world. AMCAM can be a forum for this industry. I have seen with my own eyes.

Recently I was introduced to a medical device that was developed 30 years ago by the Soviets but suppressed here that has amazing abilities. This device is a high tech form of energy medicine about the size of a TV remote. This device charges the body’s meridians and gives the body the help it needs to heal itself. Each day I anticipate new breakthroughs in alternative medicine and technology. AMCAM is a leader in breaking technologies for healing.

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Dr. Jimmy Wood is the President and CEO of AMCAM, American Complimentary Alternative Medicine Provider Network. He has been a leading researcher and proponent of complimentary medicine for over 20 years. He welcomes you to visit his website at where you can sign up for a newsletter offering breaking news in the healing technologies as well as to sign up on a FREE Providers Directory offering alternative healthcare at a price people can afford.