What makes Simon so critical? We mean Simon Crowell of American Idol of course. Why is Simon so mean?

Let's take a look at his chart.

I’ve seen some articles puzzling over this phenomenon -- a mean Libran -- when really it’s no puzzle at all. i think what seems confusing is his Sun in Libra, the sign usually considered to be diplomatic. This just goes to show how little importance the Sun can have for overall chart management. It is what we aspire to, not necessarily what we are. It also points out some misunderstandings about Libra.


Libra is best described as the iron fist in the velvet glove. Personally I think of Otto von Bismarck (Jupiter in Libra). Henry Kissinger was another Libran (Moon/Saturn conjunct in Llibra) with a biting and caustic tongue. 'Twas he who said the infighting in academia was most bitter because the stakes were so small. Ouch. Gandhi is another example of an iron-fisted Libran Sun with Scorpio Rising.

Also please see my Ode to Librans http://www.bemyastrologer.com/ode_to_librans.html

Here are some of the areas of interest in Simon's chart which highlight his personality ... the man we love to hate!

SATURN IN CAPRICORN - Darth and Unredeeming Vader

Simon has Saturn in Capricorn so he is very judgmental. He is every bit as judgmental of himself as he is of others. He thinks everyone holds themselves to the same ridiculously high Capricorn standards that he does. He’s missing the wonderful world of fun, spontaneity and creativity. You often see this very stern look on his face when he is not flashing that gorgeous Libra smile.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN - Ubercritical Internalized Parent

Simon has Moon conjunuct Saturn. His parents were probably stern and unforgiving, judging him as officiiously as he now judges others. This can give a fake illusion of power and control. I think this side of Simon annoys all of us who are conscious and responsible but the degree of annoyance will be relative to how big you buy into the whole Authority Figure thang. For some who are programmed to respect their parents simply because they are parents, Simon’s tone will be familiar and reassuring. Yikes.

VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO IN VIRGO - Venomous and Compulsive Muse

A very important factor is that Simon has Venus conjunct Pluto in the nitpicky critical sign of Virgo. With this combination he is compulsively critical, LOVES being critical and ironically his critical observations are usually precise, correct and transformational. Many lives have been changed by Simon’s comments, we would all agree.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS - self appointed know-it-all

Simon’s Jupiter is in the truth tellling sign of Sagittarius. Simon can be so arrogant. Well, he feels entitled to tell the truth as if it were his very own prerogative.

SOUTH NODE IN ARIES - think William Shatner cum Denny Crane

Last but certainly not least, Simon’s South Moon Node is in Aries reflecting lifetimes of self assertion so powerful, thorough and successful that it putting himself out there is second nature to him. This includes being exceedingly plain spoken as it is the polar opposite sign to his Libra Sun. Did you ever wonder how Simon had the nerve to set himself up as judge and jury over the creative lives of people on two continents? He never did. Self doubt is not a character trait of someone with South Moon Node in Aries nor is self reflection.
One thing we can be sure of even without the birth time … Simon himself never questions his assertions or his mandate to deliver them. He is supremely confident that his remarks are “the” truth.

Simon's interesting life also gives a great example for thos experiencing difficulty in the Saturn Return, the transit everyone experiences between 28 and 30.

You’re almost thirty and your carefully planned life is in shambles! How could this happen to someone like you? It’s your Saturn Return. Actually that's just what happened to Simon Cowell. His life crashed.

Life crashing at 28-30 years old is an indication that the life you’ve been leading, however well manicured, however cozy, pleasing to your parents or outwardly "perfect”, is not your authentic life. It might now seem that you have actually been ”living a lie”.

Your life is falling apart to allow you to rebuild on more authentic lines. Read on …..

Here’s what happened to Simon Cowell during his Saturn Return.
The man you love to hate recently made these comments to Stacy Perlman of BusinessWeek.com

Perlman: What role has failure played in you[r] career? For instance, your label Fanfare Records went under in 1989, and your reality show Cupid was canceled in 2003.

Cowell: When I was 30 the company that owned Fanfare went bust, and I effectively lost everything [emphasis mine]. I had to move in with my parents.

[Here’s the most interesting part as he goes on to say] In hindsight, it was the best thing that happened in my life because I learned the value of money: not to borrow money and not to live beyond my means. And I learned that getting there is more fun than being there. But one thing that I have always been able to do is to own up to mistakes and not blame others.

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Nancy R. Fenn is the nation's Saturn Return expert.